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European Union

Secretary Mayorkas announces designation of Croatia as a new participant in the Visa Waiver Program

From the 704 elected representatives in the European Parliament, who come from 27 member states, only two dared to raise their voices against COVID measures and the deprivation of the fundamental human freedoms. Interestingly, the two of the 704 MPs come from the same country, where the second dose of the vaccination is at the lowest level in Europe. From Croatia, writes Ivan Vilibor SINČIĆ, MEP.

Croatia is a country with only 35% vaccinated with the second dose, and independent members of the European Parliament Ivan Vilibor Sinčić and Mislav Kolakušić are the only MEPs in Europe who dared to raise their voice against, we can freely call it – corona fascism.

It is unfortunate that there are no more elected representatives of the citizens across Europe to represent freedom and health rights. Not only are there no independent studies of the vaccine efficacy and health impact, but measures such as banning gatherings, restricting work to restaurants and bars, wearing masks, and unnecessary and unreliable testing have completely failed.



These fascist measures are by no means the measures of experts who care about human health, but the measures of politicians who want to deprive us of our freedom, turn us into mindless robots working against common sense, dehumanize us and make healthy people sick, and of course earn money from it all.

What gives hope is the fact that the citizens of the Republic of Croatia have decided to turn their backs on the pharmaceutical propaganda and the fascist politicians and have decided to listen with an open mind to what their members of the European Parliament Ivan Vilibor Sinčić and Mislav Kolakušić have to say. Some highly vaccinated countries that vaccinated their residents with the third dose have major problems with new positive cases, while Croatia, which has low vaccination rate, is currently one of the safest countries.

The only way to end this story about Covid is to completely abolish fascist measures, gain natural immunity and continue to live normally. Not the new normal, but the normal. Experimental drugs, such as the current vaccines, are not the solution and should not be imposed on citizens in any way. Freedom is a fundamental right on which we should base all policies, including the choice of treatment.


We call on the other 702 MEPs to stand up for their voters and reject using the force against citizens, as well as the destruction of people’s psychological health and the devastation of the economy.


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