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Pope evokes spectre of Ukraine war sparking global conflict

The threat posed by Russia’s invasion in Ukraine should convince everyone that humanity must end war before it destroys humanity, Pope Francis stated on Sunday.

“More that a month has passed from the invasion of Ukraine, and since the beginning of this cruel, senseless war which, like all wars, is a defeat to everyone, for us all,” he stated to thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square as he gave them his Sunday blessing.

He said, “We must reject war, a place where fathers and mothers bury children, where men kill brothers without ever seeing them, and where the powerful decide who dies.”

He said that the war in Ukraine was ruining the country’s future and cited a statistic showing that half the country’s children had fled the country.


He said that “that is the bestiality war, something barbarous, and sacrilegious.” He urged his listeners to not consider war inevitable or something to be accustomed to.

“If we come out of this (war), the same way as before, then we all will be guilty. Humanity must recognize the danger of self-destruction and the need to end war before it can cancel man’s history.” he stated.

Francis has spoken several times about a possible nuclear conflict since Russia invaded its neighbor on February 24, 2014.


He said, “I beg all politicians to reflect on this and to make a promise, and to look at the martyred Ukraine to understand that every day war worsens everyone’s situation.”

“Enough! Stop! Stop! He said, “Negotiate seriously for peace.”

The pope implicitly criticised Moscow since the invasion to demilitarize Ukraine. He strongly condemned what he called “unjustified aggression” as well as denouncing “atrocities.”

However, he has not used the term “Russia” in prayer except during special events for peace such as last Friday .

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