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Safe Water is Flowing in Two Ukrainian Cities of Pokrovsk and Mykolaiv

Water Mission’s team provides safe water in two cities in Ukraine, Pokrovsk & Mykolaiv! Water Mission is the only NGO in Ukraine that provides safe water to multiple cities. With partners, we are leading a coordinated response to Ukraine’s urgent need for safe water access. Many of the water systems in cities have been severely damaged during the conflict, and they are now not operational. This leaves approximately 6 million Ukrainians without safe water access.

People are turning to all water sources available, including rivers, creeks and ponds. All of these water sources have bacteria that can cause illness and death. This is a dire situation and water scarcity is increasing. The screenshot below comes from a Twitter post (Link To Post) from Mykolaiv, a southeast Ukrainian city with more than 400,000 inhabitants. Access to safe water is essential for internally displaced people for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other activities. This helps prevent the spread of diseases and promotes good health.

Water Mission’s immediate response focuses on providing emergency water access using our Living Water Treatment Systems, which purify and treat local water sources on large scales. Each water purification system can provide safe water to up to 5,000 people each day. We currently have five additional emergency water systems in Mykolaiv, and we are shipping additional systems as soon as possible to other locations.


Water Mission teams also ship water purification kits and hygiene kits from Poland to Ukraine through our NGO partners.

Water Mission served refugees fleeing conflict in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Poland as a first responder. This is continued by coordinating and supporting regional partners and local churches in order to provide support and assistance for refugees affected by the conflict.

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