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French Jewish children wake up to find giant swastika daubed outside their hotel

French Jewish schoolchildren stayed in a Trilj hotel near Split, Croatia, yesterday (18 July). They woke up to find a huge swastika on the street in front of the hotel. This was clearly antisemitic.

European Jewish Association (EJA), Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin stated: “This will make an unforgettable holiday for these children, for all of the wrong reasons…a reminder to us that we cannot become complacent when it comes antisemitism.”

Romano Bolkovic, the representative of the European Jewish Association in Croatia, informed Brussels about the act. Bolokovic contacted the president, prime minister, and ministers of internal and foreign affairs, and also informed the Israeli ambassador. Police are investigating the matter.

Today (19 July), Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Chairman of EJA, said that it was a shame. While I’m certain that the views expressed by the group and individual responsible for the giant swastika were not representative of the majority of Croatians in Croatia, the act of and nature of this attack — because it is what it was — is still an affront to all Jews.


“As adults, we have become accustomed to hatred. Yet, we do our best to protect our children.” It is tragic that a group French Jewish children holidaying in Croatia were subject to such a brutal and visible introduction of this hatred.

“Waking up to find a large red swastika painted outside their hotel is a clear sign that you are not wanted. It is the burning cross to Jews, and the noose around their tree. These children will remember this holiday, even though it is not for the right reasons.

“I am confident that police will investigate this incident and the strong condemnations coming from top Croatian offices are a comfort. However, there is still much to be done to combat antisemitism. This attack reminds us that we cannot afford to relax and allow our guards to fall.


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