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In pictures: Heatwave bakes Western Europe

  • Published
    1 hour ago

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Much of Western Europe has been facing sweltering weather, with extreme heat warnings issued and record temperatures tumbling.

This is how the continent looked as people struggled to keep cool.


The UK saw its hottest day ever on Tuesday, with temperatures passing 40C for the first time. This photo from Monday, of one of the Queen’s Guard being given water, is one of the defining images of the heatwave.


Image source, Reuters

Fires broke out around London, transport was disrupted and those who could travel faced stifling conditions.

Commuters on the London underground

Image source, EPA

A topless cyclist in London

Image source, EPA


France has seen dozens of local heat records tumble. Wildfires have also destroyed large tracts of land, forcing thousands to evacuate. These firefighters filled their canisters with water from a swimming pool at an upmarket hotel.

French firefighters fill canisters in a swimming pool

Image source, AFP

A burnt out refrigerator after a wildfire in France

Image source, Reuters

Charred trees near a swimming pool in France

Image source, Reuters


In neighbouring Switzerland the heat dried out the shore of Brenet Lake, marooning boats.

Boats on the dried out shore of Brenet Lake

Image source, EPA


Germany is also braced for potentially record-breaking temperatures. In the capital, Berlin, tourists brought their own shade to see some of the city’s landmarks.

Women shield themselves from sun with umbrellas during a heatwave in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany,

Image source, Reuters

The animals in Berlin Zoo were just as much at risk from the high temperatures as the human visitors. These seals had frozen fish fed to them by their keepers.

Sea lions eat frozen fish during a hot weather in Berlin Zoo, Germany, July 19, 2022.

Image source, Reuters


Tourists in Rome were also undaunted by the heat.

A woman refills her bottle with water from the

Image source, AFP

A woman holds an umbrella at Rome's Trevi fountain

Image source, Reuters


Deadly wildfires have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes. The temperature has dropped but some are still burning.

Firefighters from the Brigadas de Refuerzo en Incendios Forestales (BRIF) tackle a forest fire approaching to houses at El Hoyo de Pinares on July 18, 2022 in Avila, Spain.

Image source, Getty Images

The aftermath of a forest fire in Spain

Image source, EPA

A man beats out a wildfire in Spain

Image source, EPA


Older people are especially vulnerable in a heatwave. These care home residents kept cool by dipping their feet in a pool.

Care home residents keep cool in Belgium

Image source, Reuters

All photos subject to copyright.

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