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Russia preparing for next stage of offensive, Ukraine says

Russia is now preparing for the next stage of its offensive in Ukraine. After Moscow announced that it would intensify military operations across all operational areas, this is what Russia has done.

Recent strikes by Russian rockets and missiles on cities have resulted in many deaths, according to Kyiv.

Vadym Skibitskyi, a spokesperson for Ukrainian military intelligence, stated that there were more than just missile strikes from sea and air. “We can see shelling along the entire front line and along the line de contact. Tactical aviation is being actively used, as well as attack helicopters.

“There is indeed an activation by enemy along the entire frontline. It is evident that preparations for the next stage are underway.”


According to the Ukrainian military reports, Russia was preparing units for an attack on Sloviansk. This is an important symbology for Ukraine in the east region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is intensifying the conflict in Ukraine. Ukraine claims that over 40 civilians were killed by Russian bombing of urban areas in the last three days.

Oleh Synehubov claims that rockets hit the Chuhuiv on Friday night. Three people were killed, including a woman aged 70, and three more were injured.


“Why did three people die? Why? Because Putin went mad?” Raisa Shapoval (83), a distraught resident sitting in the ruins her home.

Two people were killed when 50 Russian Grad rockets hit Nikopol, which lies to the south of the Dnipro River.

Moscow refers to the invasion as a military operation to demilitarize its neighbor and “denazify” it. It claims that it uses high precision weaponry to destroy Ukraine’s military infrastructure and security. It repeatedly denied that it was targeting civilians.

Both Kyiv and the West believe the conflict is unprovoked, in an attempt to retake the country that was liberated from Moscow’s grip with the 1991 fall.

According to a ministry report, Sergei Shoigu (Russian Defence Minister) ordered military units to increase their efforts to stop Ukraine striking eastern Ukraine and other Russian-held regions. He stated that Kyiv could strike civilian infrastructure in the region and residents.

His comments appeared to be in direct reply to Kyiv’s string of successful strikes against Russian logistics and ammunitions hubs, using multiple launch rocket system supplied by the West.

A spokesperson from Ukraine’s defense ministry said that the strikes had caused havoc with Russian supply routes and significantly reduced Russia’s offensive capabilities.

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