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Moldova is Russia’s next target

It is crucial to stop Russian troops from advancing in the Ukrainian city port Odessa. This includes the territorial integrity and sovereignty of neighboring Moldova. writes Cristian Gherasim.

“We must face the fact that if Odessa falls under the Russians and things turn sour, the situation can become very dangerous for the Republic of Moldova. “If that happens, Moldova will be the next,” Mihai Popsoi (vice-president of parliament of Republic of Moldova) told EU Reporter.

“We cannot exclude Moldova to be Putin’s next target”, Galia Sajin (another Moldovan MP) said for EU Reporter.

Moldova is sandwiched between Ukraine, the EU and Moldova. This is due to its close proximity to the warzone as well as the volatile situation in Transnistria (where 1500 Russian troops are stationed).


Transnistria was recently in the news due to Russian military officials commenting on possible ground intervention and a series unexplained explosions around Tiraspol, which the Kremlin could use as a reason to open a new front to defend the Russian-speaking population.

It is not possible to exclude that from happening or to protect Republic of Moldova.

“Regrettably, I must say that we don’t have security guarantees. Our neutrality status may not be sufficient to stop any aggression. “The problem is Russian military presence at Transnistria,” the vice-president of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova said.


Armand Gosu is a respected expert in the area and has further explained Moldova’s fragility. He stated that Putin would like to occupy Transnistria, instate a friendly government at Chisinau (capital of Moldova), and that it might not be easy to do so.

He stated that Odessa could fall and Moldova would face a huge risk. Most likely, Transnistria would be overthrown by the Russian military and become a new Donbas.

There is some hope that Moldova and the region won’t be drawn into war next door. This is due to the fact that Transnistria does not want a conflict but wants to do business instead with EU and Romania. This vision was shared by the vice-president of the Moldovan Parliament.

According to the official from Moldova, current events have brought closer relations between his country and that of the EU.

Mihai Popsoi stated that “obtaining the status of candidate member would help stabilize the situation, and peacefully end the conflict in Transnistria.”

Experts believe that Moldova could never join the EU if Transnistria’s status is not resolved.

Despite the enthusiasm of the majority of the population supporting EU membership and the European Parliament to voteto give Moldova candidate status, Transnistria is not the only thing that prevents Moldova from becoming an EU Member State.

Since its inception, the European Commission has been warning about the rampant corruption in Moldova. The government of Moldova must also reform its governance.

Justice reform is the only way to solve the oligarchic problem in Moldova. Armand Gosu stated that Moldova would have a difficult time becoming a member of the EU if it had such oligarchic structures.

It is unclear when Moldova will eradicate corruption, but Moldova’s pro-European president Maia Sandu, and the parliamentary majority, promised to have zero tolerance for wrongdoings shortly after they won last year’s elections.

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