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Ukraine and Russia sign deal to reopen grain export ports as war rages on

Russia and Ukraine signed an historic agreement to open the Black Sea ports of Ukraine to grain exports. This is a sign of hope that Russia’s invasion won’t lead to an international food crisis.

After two months of negotiations between Turkey and the United Nations (UN), this agreement was reached. Turkey is a NATO member, has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine and holds control over the Straits leading into the Black Sea.

At the Istanbul signing ceremony, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres spoke and stated that significant food exports can be made from three key Ukrainian ports: Odesa and Chernomorsk.

“Today, there is a beacon at Black Sea. Guterres spoke about a beacon for hope and relief in a world that has become more desperate than ever.


But fighting continued in Ukraine’s Eastern Province. The fact that both Ukrainian and Russian representatives refused to sit at one table underlines the animosity and mistrust driving the worst conflict in Europe since World War Two, as well as the fact they did not shake hands during the ceremony.

Tens of millions of tonnes of grain were trapped in silos by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and many ships were left stranded as a result. This has led to a worsening of global supply chains, and has also fueled an increase in food and energy prices, as well as the widespread Western sanctions.

Moscow denies any responsibility for the worsening food crisis, instead blaming sanctions on its food and fertilizer exports, as well as Ukraine’s mining of the Black Sea ports.


A U.N. official said that a separate agreement was signed Friday to ease Russian exports. The United Nations welcomed clarifications by the U.S. government, and European Union that their sanctions will not apply to Russian shipment.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, said that the West would closely watch the agreement to ensure that Ukraine is not invaded again by Russia.

Trudeau said that the G7 was closely working with Turkey and other partners in order to ensure Ukraine can get that grain without putting at risk Ukraine’s sovereignty, protection, or sovereignty.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that Moscow would not profit from demining the ports of Ukraine.

“Russia has agreed to the obligations stated in this document. Shoigu stated, “Russia has accepted the obligations clearly stated in this document. We will not profit from that fact. Ports will be cleared. And will open them,” Shoigu stated to Rossiya-24 state television channel.

Oleksandr Kubrakov (Ukraine’s infrastructure minister) stated that Kyiv does not see any Russian ships entering Ukrainian ports.

Senior UN officials informed reporters on Friday (22 July) that the deal would be in place within a matter of weeks. It would allow grain shipments from the three reopened ports to resume pre-war levels at 5,000,000 tonnes per month.

Officials described the “de facto ceasefire”, as the guarantee of safe passage between the ports for all vessels and facilities, even though it was not in the agreement text.

According to them, although Ukraine has already taken out offshore oil fields in defense of Russia’s invasion five months ago they said that Ukrainian pilots will direct ships within safe channels.

The ships will then transit Istanbul’s Black Sea to Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait. There they will be closely monitored by the Joint Coordination Center. Officials from the UN stated that they will then travel to international markets.

The ultimate goal of the project is to stop famine in the tens or thousands of poorest countries by injecting more wheat and sun oil into world markets. This includes humanitarian needs at partially lower prices.

The United States expressed appreciation for the agreement and said that they would be focusing on Russia’s implementation.

The Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy met senior commanders on Thursday 21 July and said that Kyiv’s soldiers, now equipped with Western precision weaponry and long-range Western weapons, could change the tides in the battlefield.

According to a senior U.S. defense official, Russia is suffering hundreds per day. According to the official Washington believed that Ukraine had destroyed more than 100 Russian targets in Ukraine. These included command posts, air defense sites, and command posts.

There have been no major breakthroughs in the front lines since Russian forces seized the two Ukrainian-held eastern Luhansk towns in June and July.

Russian forces are currently focusing their efforts on Donetsk, a neighboring province. This is to support separatist proxyies, which have created two mini-states in order to protect the larger industrialised Donbas.

Kyiv believes that its steady increasing supply of Western weapons such as the U.S. High Mobility Artillery Rocket System HIMARS, (USAHMARS), will allow it to retake territory lost.

Russia’s defense ministry claimed its forces had destroyed four HIMARS systems between July 5-20. Kyiv rejected the claims, calling them “fakes” in order to undermine Western support for Ukraine. These assertions were not confirmed by Reuters.

Russia claims that it is carrying out “special military operations” in order to demilitarize its neighbor, expel dangerous nationalists, and so on.

Kyiv and West claim Russia is planning an imperialist campaign to conquer a prowestern neighbor, which was released from Moscow’s grasp after 1991’s collapse of the Soviet Union.

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