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Ukraine: 1,000 Ukrainian patients transferred to European hospitals

The EU has coordinated 1,000 medical evacuations for Ukrainian patients through its Civil Protection Scheme. This is to ensure that they receive specialised care in European hospitals.

Local hospitals are having a hard time keeping up with increasing numbers of injured people in Ukraine. Due to the high inflow of people, Poland, Moldova, and Slovakia have all requested assistance for medical evacuation (MEDEVAC). Since 11 March, the EU coordinates patient transfers to other European countries that have hospital capacity. This is done in an effort to relieve pressure on local hospitals.

The patients were transferred to 18 countries, including Germany, France and Ireland, Denmark, Sweden. Luxembourg, Belgium. Spain, Portugal. Portugal. The Netherlands, Austria, Norway. Lithuania, Finland. Poland. Recent operations include the transfer two patients to Czechia, 15 patients to Germany and four to Norway.

Janez Lenarcic, Crisis Management Commissioner, stated that “Russia’s unjustified war against Ukraine is driving Ukrainian healthcare systems to breaking point.” The EU has increased its operations to help Ukraine deal with skyrocketing medical requirements. We coordinate medical evacuations and medicines delivery to Ukraine through our Civil Protection Mechanism. 1000 patients from Ukraine have been transferred to 18 European hospitals. All countries that have welcomed the Ukrainian patients during this difficult time deserve my gratitude. EU solidarity saves lives


Stella Kyriakides, Health and Food Safety Commissioner, stated that “From the beginning, the EU has worked tirelessly to support Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in the face Russian’s brutal military aggression. The EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which allows patients in dire need of medical treatment to be treated in EU hospitals, has helped relieve pressure on Ukraine’s healthcare systems. This is the true European solidarity at work. We are working with the Ukrainian authorities to find ways to allow patients to return home after their treatment is over, if they wish to. The EU’s unwavering support for Ukraine will not be interrupted in this lifesaving work.


The EU Civil Protection Mechanism provides financial and operational support for medical evacuations. The MEDEVAC scheme allows for the transfer of eligible patients, whether they are chronically ill or injured by war. This mechanism allows the Commission to notify the Ukrainian authorities about patients who have been transferred to EU/EEA countries. The Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) is used to share patient records in order to secure the transfer of patient data.


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EU humanitarian assistance and civil protection in Ukraine

EU Civil Protection Mechanism

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