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Ukraine says its troops advance towards Izium as fighting rages in Donbas

Police officers stand next to a vehicle that has been destroyed as Russia continues its military strikes in Ukraine. This is Kharkiv (Ukraine), 8 August 2022.

Ukraine has reported intense Russian shelling on the frontlines Tuesday (9 Aug), as both sides swap blames for the weekend strike at Zaporizhzhia’s nucleus. International concern was raised about a possible nuclear catastrophe.

Heavy fighting was reported in the frontline areas close to Donetsk. According to Ukrainian officials, Russian troops launched a series of attacks in an attempt to seize control of the Donbas region which is industrialised.

“The situation in the region is extremely tense. The front line is continually under bombardment. Ukrainian television also saw Pavlo Kyrylenko (Donetsk region governor) speak about air strikes by enemy.


“The enemy is not successful.” Donetsk holds.”

Dovhenke was captured by Ukrainian troops in the northeast. In a YouTube video, Oleksiy Arestovych (the Ukrainian presidential adviser) stated that they were moving towards Izium.

According to the daily battle report of Ukraine’s military commander, cities in Kharkiv and Kharkiv East, East, and Southeast were under attack by tanks, artillery and rockets.


“The situation is extremely intriguing. The Ukrainian forces are moving forward with great success. Russia’s efforts to regain lost ground has not been successful. Arestovych said that Ukraine could “encircle” them.

Ukrainian forces attempted to block Russian supply lines with the attack on the Antonovskyi bridge, located in the southeast of the Dnipro River in Kherson Region.

Yuri Sobolevsky, deputy head of the Kherson region council, stated that the bridge had been severely damaged by “overnight actions”.

Russia refers to the war as “special military operations”.

Antonio Guterres was Monday’s chief of the United Nations. He called any attack on a nuclear facility “suicidal”. U.N. nuclear inspectors must have access to Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

March saw the Russian invasion of southern Ukraine, where they captured Zaporizhzhia. It was then attacked without causing any damage to its nuclear reactors. The Ukrainian counter-offensive targeted this area, which includes Kherson.

Ukraine requested that the complex should be demilitarized, and that the International Atomic Energy Agency (the U. The International Atomic Energy Agency (the U.S.) was allowed to enter the complex as its nuclear watchdog. Russia claimed that it supported the IAEA trip it was accused of blocking.

Both sides blamed the other for weekend attacks against the complex. It is currently being managed by Ukrainian technicians. Ukraine claimed that three radiation sensors were damaged and two workers were hurt by shrapnel.

Petro Kotin, the head of Ukraine’s nuclear power firm Energoatom, stated that 500 Russian soldiers were there, along with 50 pieces of heavy machinery including trucks and tanks.

He demanded that peacekeepers be sent out to the plant to manage it and warned of the possibility of six containers of radioactive spent nuclear fuel being struck by shells.

Russia’s defense ministry claimed that Ukrainian terrorists had damaged power lines at the plant. The defense ministry ordered the reduction of output by two reactors to prevent disruption.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy (the Ukrainian President) demanded that Western sanctions are imposed against Russia’s nuclear industry via an online video. He said, “For creating the risk of a nuclear disaster.”

Dr Mark Wenman, an Imperial College London nuclear expert, downplayed any possibility of major incidents. He stated that Zaporizhzhia plants are robust and that spent fuel is well protected.

Washington has sent $1 billion in weapons and $4.5 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine, increasing its military and fiscal support. This includes long-range rocket munitions and an armoured medical transport car.

In total, $18 billion was contributed by the United States to Ukraine this year.

While pouring money and weapons into Ukraine, the United States imposed financial sanctions on President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin.

Prosecutors Monday said that a US judge had authorized the prosecutors to seize an Airbus worth $90 million ( .PA) plane of sanctioned Russian oligarch Andrei Skoch.

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned Skoch in 2018 for his connections to Russian organised crime organizations. Skoch was also subject to sanctions in the wake of Russia’s invasion.

Court papers show that the plane is currently in Kazakhstan. Our request for comment was not answered by the American Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Russia claims that it is conducting “special military operations” to protect Russian-speaking communities and eliminate nationalists in Ukraine. Russia’s actions against Ukraine are described by the West and Ukraine as unprovoked aggression.

Conflicts have caused millions to be displaced, killed thousands, and decimated cities, towns, villages, and towns.

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