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Greek president calls for investigation of phone tapping scandal

People in protective face masks walk on Syntagma Square after the Greek government mandated mandatory COVID vaccinations to all people over 60, in Athens (Greece), 1 December 2021.

The President of Greece Katerina Sakellaropoulou phoned on Tuesday (9 August) to request an investigation into the taping of a leader’s phone by intelligence service (EYP).

The scandal broke amid growing concerns in the EU regarding the use of spyware software. It also sparked uproar back home with opposition parties calling the revelations Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitchells’s personal Watergate.


Sakellaropoulou stated in a statement that privacy protection was “a fundamental condition for a democratic and libertarian society” and that respecting democracy transcends politics.

She stated, “It is necessary to immediately and fully clarify the wiretapping case.”

Nikos Androulakis (leader of Greece’s Socialist PASOK Party and member of the European Parliament) said Friday that he learned that EYP had listened to his conversations from last year.

EYP’s chief, and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitchells’s chief-of-staff were fired earlier that day.


A government spokesperson stated that Androulakis’s phone was tapped by EYP, but that it was legal and that the surveillance was approved last week by a prosecutor.

The government has yet to explain why Androulakis’s cell phone was hacked.

Mitsotakis stated in a Monday public address that he would not have allowed the incident if he knew.

PASOK, Greece’s third largest political party, is the main political rival to Mitsotakis’s New Democracy.

The government said that it would support an opposition request for a parliamentary investigation committee to investigate the matter.

The case is being monitored by the European Commission. The vice-chair of EU’s PEGA committee, Cypriot MEP George Georgiou has sent a letter to that committee proposing a mission in Greece to investigate these allegations.

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