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Zelenskiy tells officials to stop discussing tactics, probe opens into leak

President Volodymyr Zeleskiy of Ukraine attends a joint news conference in Lithuania with President Gitanas Nauseda. This is as Russia continues its attack on Ukraine. It took place in Kyiv (Ukraine), 28 July 2022.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleskiy told his officials to stop talking with reporters about Kyiv’s military tactics against Russia. He said such comments were “frankly irresponsible”.

The New York Times, Washington Post newspapers reported that unidentified officials claimed that Ukrainian forces were responsible for the blasts at the Russian base in Crimea on Tuesday (9 Aug). On the other hand, the Kyiv government declined to confirm whether the explosions were its responsibility.


“War is not the time to make giddy statements and be pompous. Zelenskiy stated in an evening speech that the more details you give about our defense plans, the easier it will be to implement those plans.

“If you want loud headlines, that is one thing. It’s simply irresponsible. You can win the war for Ukraine, but that’s another matter. Every word you speak about our state’s plans for defense or counter-attacks should be taken seriously.

Separately Hanna Malyar, Deputy Defense Minister, stated that security services had opened an investigation into one case in which officials spoke to newspapers.

She wrote that a leak like this would disrupt the plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since the enemy adapts its actions and uses the information against us.


A satellite company released pictures showing three craters that were almost identical to the ones where the buildings of the Russian airbase had been struck. You could see the husks of at most eight warplanes that were destroyed.

Zelenskiy addressed the remarks to military, state and local officials as well as others who he claimed were commenting on the events at front.

He dismissed an old friend from the head of the security services and a close ally as top prosecutor for Kyiv’s largest internal wartime purge.

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