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Spanish fire crew’s brush with death as Valencia wildfire rages

The hillside echoed with the sound of “run…run…run”, Four Spanish firefighters fled to safety when a wall of flame was blown towards them.

Crews tried to put out flames that were reaching Bejis, north Valencia when they came across the wildfire.

According to local emergency services, three firefighters were injured by the flames and several villages had to be evacuated.

At least 10 people were hurt in the fire on Tuesday 16 August.


The driver was able safely to reverse the train bound for Zaragoza, and then bring it back to Valencia station.

A Nature Geoscience journal study has shown that climate change has caused parts of the Iberian peninsula to become their driest since over 1,200 years.

Portugal’s neighbor, Portugal, had more than 1,200 firefighters fight a wildfire at the Serra da Estrela National Park. Since its inception on 6 August, the fire has burned over 17,000 ha.


Tuesday saw smoke rising from Madrid’s skyscrapers. This was over 400km (250 miles).

This year, wildfires have already burned more than 275,000 hectares in Spain. Portugal is home to 87,000 people, which represents 1% of the country’s total territory. This number is the highest in Europe.

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