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Eurasian Resources Group to invest USD 230m in building the most powerful wind power plant in Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Eurasian Resources Group (or “The Group”) is a major producer of diversified natural resources. Today, it announced that it will invest close to KZT 110 billion (ca. $230 million to build a major wind power station in Kazakhstan, the Group’s country of origin. The new renewable energy facility, which will be operational in 2024, has a maximum capacity of 155 MW. It is expected to reduce CO2 emissions to the region by approximately 520,000 tons per year.

The wind turbine park, which will cover 150 hectares in the vicinity of Khromtau, Kazakhstan, will be built using the most recent engineering and technology. Construction will create around 300 jobs, while the facility will provide 30 permanent positions once it is completed.

ERG’s Kazchrome Donskoy Gok plant in Aktobe will receive wind power. This plant is the region’s largest and most important industrial enterprise. It will also use the wind power to meet its growing energy requirements as it expands its production capacity over the next years. The wind farm will also supply energy to other industrial facilities in the Aktobe area and nearby areas, which will reduce Kazakhstan’s dependence on coal.


This is the first ERG-owned wind farm and it forms part of ESG Strategy and Decarbonization Programme. ERG’s Environmental and Energy Strategy aims to reduce its air emissions by 56% and its water emissions by 30% by 2030.

ERG’s Chairman of Board of Directors, Dr Alexander Machkevitch, Mr Patokh Chodiev, and Mr ShukhratIbragimov, as well as the members of the Board of Director Mr ShukhratIbragimov and Mr OndasynOrazalin, attended a capsule-laying ceremony on the construction site of a wind power plant.


Dr Alexander Machkevitch stated: “President of Kazakhstan Mr KassymJomartTokayev recently announced Kazakhstan’s intention to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. ERG fully supports this initiative. This is a significant step. I believe Donskoy GOK’s shift to wind power will be a huge success. We will also look at replicating it at other ERG facilities. We hope the construction of this windfar will serve as an example to other large enterprises in Kazakhstan and bring the country closer towards its ambitious goal of becoming carbon-neutral.

The IEC S-class turbines that will be used in the wind power plant are powerful and can produce electricity in all weather conditions, with winds speeds of 3-25 metres per seconds. This will allow for the generation of the required power, even in the harsh Western Kazakhstani climate.

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