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Centrocredit Bank in the spotlight

The Express published an interview with Andrey Sidelnikov who called for greater international cooperation in the fight against sanctions. Arsen Kanokov was a Russian politician of high rank who co-owned the Russian Centrocredit Bank. He should not be exempted from UK sanctions.

One Kremlin critic who fled his homeland claims that Britain should impose more sanctions on Putin and ban all Russians from the UK.

Andrey Sidelnikov also demanded that the embassy of “the fascist nation” be closed and all buildings and business related to Russia be seized by authorities.

Andrey Sidelnikov

Speak Up is a London-based opposition group. The activist said that more must be done to stop Putin’s war in Ukraine spreading throughout Europe.


He says that anyone who is not of political asylum should be returned home to increase pressure, or else “bombs could also come to London”.

After being forced to flee Russia 15 years ago, Mr Sidelnikov has been granted asylum in the UK. He said that all of his Russian-born relatives have been blamed for the current war and cannot stop it.

“A lot of Putin’s supporters live overseas, for a long time I have known in London for example, there are many thousands of supporters.


They may claim they are against war but they don’t really believe it. Most of them are protecting their wealth and western lifestyles.

They claim they have changed their minds, but they really just want to save their criminal cash.

“We can see that the governments of the west don’t know if there is good or bad Russian. Maybe it is better to end Visas.

The Home Office should be more concerned with anyone who has one in the UK.

“If they have taken money from Putin-backed Oligarchs or supported Putin’s regime over the past 10 year, they should be deported from the UK. They must then be sent back to Russia.

“I know many people who have a Russian passport as well as a UK passport. They supported the Russian Embassy and Russkiy Mir Foundation before the 14th February.”

Another claim was made by the activist that most buildings in the UK owned by Russians are worth more than PS3m and were bought with “criminal cash”. Officials did not properly inspect them as they “brought a lot of money to our economy”.

Sidelnikov called for greater international cooperation in the fight against sanctions, and said that the British government should work with other countries.

Arsen Kanokov, a high-ranking Russian politician and businessman, is currently trying to escape the UK sanctions. He is said to be buying Starbucks and has been sanctioned in Canada.

Kanokov was co-owner of Russian Centrocredit bank, which still maintains an office in London.

Arsen Kanokov

The company’s largest shareholder is Kanokov, a long-standing business partner and Russian citizen residing in London.

Tarasov’s second daughter Anna Danilina held stakes in several companies that were linked to Kanokov. Anastasia Besson, Tarasov’s other daughter, owns luxury properties in the UK. Tarasov also has large deposits in Citi and Barclays banks.

According to media reports, Centrocredit bank was implicated in several Russian scandals and could have been used to coordinate a flow money to lobby Russian interests here in the UK.

Sideknikov stated that the British government must now cooperate with other countries, and work with the EU.

“I hope that the September new government will review all sanctions. They must also do more.

“They must close down the Russian Embassy here in London. All the people there – not most – aren’t diplomats; they work for security services.

“It’s time to end all relations with Russia, and all visas should be revoked.

“Most Russian companies should also be closed.

“You cannot have deals with fascist countries, Russia is one of them.”

“If Putin wins the Ukraine, he will go West. Poland and the Baltic Countries will be first. But bombs will also come to London.

“The government must increase sanctions and close all holes where Putin’s supporters could hide,”

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