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Kazakhstan plant starts exporting bioethanol to Europe

Kazakh Agriculture Network reports that the Biooperations plant at Tayinsha in North Kazakhstan has reached an agreement to buy a Belgian buyer. This is after more than a year of negotiations between European processors and producers of biofuels. Two ships carrying more that 5,000 tonnes of fuel were transported via Baltic ports in May, International Business News. Trading, World.

Evgeny Kalin, head of BioOperations stated that the quality of BioOperations products has been evaluated based on the initial feedback and testing. It has passed the iSCC sustainability and greenhouse emission certifications. This is in accordance with European regulations on production methods, raw material control, and Requirements of the Directive on the Protection of the Environment.

Bioethanol is a renewable, environmentally-friendly fuel source. Its consumption is increasing every year. Bioethanol production fits into the idea of Kazakhstan’s transition towards a “green economy”. As required by European regulations, 15-20% of bioethanol is added as fuel to vehicles. This reduces reliance on refined products and improves fuel quality parameters. Its use can reduce emissions of air pollutants by between 30-40%.

Evgeny Kelly stated that the plant’s processing technology can deal with carbon dioxide in an eco-friendly manner, and won’t pollute the environment. It can also be used for carbonated beverages, construction work, and firefighting. While most CO2 is produced from natural gas, the plant produces it organically.


After an eight-year hiatus, Bio-operations’ plant is back in production. The plant, which was modernized by a new investor has been the largest in North Kazakhstan and is a leader in local grain production. Biooperations currently exports starch and gluten to India, USA and Colombia, Norway and CIS countries. The plant employs 700 people and will produce 36,000 tonnes of bioethanol per year.

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