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Russian security service accuses Ukraine of killing ultra-nationalist’s daughter

Russia’s Federal Security Service accused Ukraine’s Secret Services of killing Darya Dugina (pictured), the daughter a Russian ultranationalist. It was close to Moscow, and President Vladimir Putin called it evil.

Russian investigators claimed Dugina’s father Alexander Dugin had been a prominent ideologue.

Ukraine is fighting back against what it calls an Russian imperial-style war of conquest. Mykhailo Podolyak is the Ukrainian presidential advisor and denies any involvement in this attack.

Dugina, a media commentator supported Russia’s actions towards Ukraine. Moscow called it a specially military operation.


Alexander Dugin (60), her dad, supported violence to unify and consolidate Russian-speaking areas in a new Russian Empire.

In his first public statement on the car bombing, he stated that Darya had been brutally murdered by Ukraine.

Dugin said that his heart is not only thirsting for revenge or retribution. “We only need our victory in Ukraine” My daughter gave her life for the sake and victory. Please win!


Russia’s FSB security service claimed that the attack was committed by a Ukrainian woman born in 1979. It published her photo and personal information on Russian news websites and named her.

These websites linked her to Ukraine’s security forces. They also accused her of being a member of the Azov battalion, Ukraine’s army’s terrorist organization.

Azov replied by posting a Telegram message to the messaging app. He claimed that the woman named on the FSB statement was not a member of the agency and accused Russia of fabricating a story.

According to the FSB the mother and her teenage child arrived in Russia in July. The mother and her teenage daughter spent a month in preparation for the attack, renting an apartment in Dugina’s block.

It was discovered that she drove a Mini Cooper around Moscow and used it as a spy for Dugina. To avoid detection, she also owned three sets of license plates.

Dugina was at an event in Moscow Saturday night. Her father and Dugina were also present. It was then added. She then controlled an explosion of Dugina’s car. She fled Russia in the same Mini Cooper to Estonia.

According to the TASS news agency the Russian law enforcement agencies had put the Ukrainian women on their wanted lists. Moscow wants her extradition to Estonia.

Separately, the Estonian interior ministry and police, as well as the border guard, stated that they are only allowed to share information about people entering and leaving Estonia “only when required by law”, and that the FSB’s claim didn’t satisfy that requirement. According to police and border guard, the FSB has not received any Russian requests in this regard.

Putin paid tributes and called Dugina a Russian patriot. Margarita Simyan was editor-in-chief of the Kremlin-backed RT Media Organisation. She suggested that Russian agents could find the woman in Estonia.

Simonyan wrote on Telegram “Estonia will not hand them over.”

She said, “I believe that we can find professionals who want to admire tallinn spires.” This is an apparent reference to the 2018 attack against Britain by Sergei Skripal (an ex-Russian spy), which Britain claimed Moscow was behind. Russia denied Britain’s accusation.

Her father announced that a funeral service for Dugina would be held at Moscow’s TV centre on Tuesday, 23 August.

Some Russian opposition leaders were skeptical of the speed at which the FSB appeared to have solved this case. They suggested alternative solutions.

Ilya Ponomaryov, a former Russian lawmaker and critic of the Kremlin based out of Ukraine, claimed that Dugina’s death was due to a previously unidentified Russian militant group called The National Republican Army.

Reuters was unable to independently verify Ponomaryov and the group’s claims.

Russia’s Investigative Committee did not immediately respond to a request.

Ponomaryov (the Russian State Duma’s lower house) was the only one who voted against Ukraine’s annexe in 2014. Later, he fled the country.

Ponomaryov founded an online TV station in Kyiv which challenges the Kremlin’s war narrative. On Sunday, he read out the manifesto sent by the group.

According to the group, it claimed that it was determined overthrow Putin and create a new Russia. These statements are illegal in Russia and could land you long imprisonment sentences.

This is just one theory that could explain Dugina’s sudden death.

Many believe her father was the victim.

Ukrainian Podolyak stated that he believed the murder was caused in part by a struggle between Russia and its intelligence services.

He stated that any attempt to blame Ukraine for a car bombing at Moscow suburbs was futile.

Some Russian opposition activists believe that the murder may have been orchestrated by Russian forces to dissuade ultranationalists like Dugin from criticizing Russia’s softness toward Ukraine.

They suggested that killing internal enemies could be used to justify their actions.

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