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PD official says Israel like Hitler

A centre left Democratic Party (PD), councillor in Trentino’s northern region has been criticized for a tweet in which he compared Israel with Adolf Hitler. Youness Et Thari wrote, eight years ago, in 2014: “The (Israelis] should be the first people to understand what it means (to be massacred) seeing that there was a certain Hitler exterminating them and yet they are doing (to Palestinians).

Alessandro Bertoldi (chair of Alliance for Israel) stated that “it’s the third consecutive day that we have had to deal with a report of raving comments, mystifications of reality, hatred for Israel by an institutional political representative”.

Raffaele la Regina, a PD candidate in the September 25 general elections in Italy, was forced to resign last week after a post he made that was anti-Israeli. He claimed that Israel doesn’t exist.

Although he was widely condemned, another PD candidate supported his candidacy and said that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians was legitimate.

Enrcio Letta, leader of the PD, reiterated the party’s support for Israel and the Mideast peace processes.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Rightwing League party, said that it was “shameful” to hear such anti-Israel sentiments expressed by the Italian left. These sentiments were allegedly expressed by Britain’s Labour party (under former leader Jeremy Corbyn) as well as by Jean-Luc Melenchon, far-left French presidential candidate. (ANSA).

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