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The world community is facing a series of unprecedented crises. These include the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 variants, stalled efforts to combat climate change, as well as supply chain disruptions and Russia’s unprovoked invasion in Ukraine. China’s growing rhetorical and military intimidation threatens regional peace and stability more than ever – writes Jaushieh Joseph Wu, Taiwanese Foreign Minister (pictured ).

These will have an impact on the security and well-being around the world. It is important to remind UN members, including Taiwanese leaders, that they are meeting again in New York this week.

Taiwan, a beacon of democracy in Asia and an agent for good around the globe, is a valuable partner in helping to overcome these global challenges. Taiwan has been a vital partner in the global effort to provide humanitarian assistance since the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the provision of much-needed medical supplies and masks, as well sharing and developing its own vaccine. In addition to sending over 550 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to Ukraine, Taiwan has also donated over US$40 millions to help the refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Taiwan has a plan to reduce climate change and has policies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Taiwan is the 22nd largest economy in the world in terms of GDP, and a major semiconductor producer. It plays an important role in global supply chain logistics. Taiwan, as a defender democracy, works to preserve the status quo while supporting the rules-based international order. China uses coercion to export its authoritarian brand abroad. Taiwan, however, lets its open and free society lead the way.


The People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) relentless suppression of Taiwan’s participation in the most important forum of global cooperation has resulted in Taiwan being unable to take part. Beijing is deliberately misleading the world by claiming that Taiwan is part of the PRC, by combining its “One China” principle and UNGA Resolution 2758 – the resolution that established who “China” was 50 years ago. Contrary to these false claims the resolution doesn’t take a position on Taiwan nor includes the word “Taiwan”. The long-term status quo states that the ROC (Taiwan), and the PRC (PRC) are distinct jurisdictions with each subordinate to the others. Only their democratically elected and free government can represent Taiwan in the international community.

Incorrect interpretations of UNGA Resolution 2758 have long denied Taiwan the right to participate at the United Nations and its specialized agency, as well as denying the international community the opportunity to benefit from Taiwan’s contributions. Worse, the PRC’s attempts to change Taiwan’s UN status further undermine global stability and peace. Beijing’s dangerous military maneuvers around Taiwan are an example of this.

The UN Charter clearly states that the purpose and principles of the United Nations include maintaining international stability and peace, and that international disputes must be settled peacefully. Beijing continues to conduct military drills in Taiwan. This is a violation of the status quo in Taiwan Strait. It also contributes to escalating tensions and impacting international commerce and transportation. These irresponsible acts must be condemned and stopped. It is crucial that UN and its member countries stop allowing such an ironically UN Security Council member to dictate the positions of UN to suit its political agenda, given the current situation. China’s untrue claims about Taiwan will only lead to instability in the region. This is against the very purpose and intent of the UN.


Taiwan will defend its sovereignty, security and integrity. Taiwan, as a responsible member the international community will continue to show restraint in its response to China’s provocations. It will also work with like-minded countries in order to maintain peace and stability within the region. As we have demonstrated to the world over time, Taiwan will continue to fulfil its international responsibilities by actively engaging and contributing to international communities.

The UN General Assembly’s 77th session, “A watershed moment: transformative strategies to interlocking problems”, emphasized the serious challenges facing the international community. This includes the COVID-19 pandemic and food and energy shortages as well as disruptions in global supply chains and climate change. We can only agree that the UN is talking about “joint strategies” and “solidarity” in order to address “interconnected crises”. Taiwan is willing and able, as well as able, to participate in such joint solutions. These important global efforts should not be excluding the 23.5 million Taiwanese who are resilient.

We are grateful that more countries are starting to see the value Taiwan has and support Taiwan’s active participation in UN systems. The European Parliament approved an overwhelming resolution, dated July 6, this year, that expressed support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations. Similar support was also offered by the G7 countries. Particularly, US Secretary of States Antony Blinken encouraged all UN member countries to join the United States in support Taiwan’s meaningful participation within the UN system in October.

All hands are needed to solve our common problems. These interconnected crises are too grave to be solved unless the whole world works together. Taiwan has been a reliable partner and is ready to help. Let’s all work together for the common good.

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