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Russia gives up key northeast towns as Ukrainian forces advance

Moscow surrendered the main base it had in northeastern Ukraine to Ukrainian forces.

Moscow was defeated in its most severe defeat since March when it was expelled from Kyiv. The victory was celebrated by Ukraine as a turning-point in the six-month-old war. With ammunition and other equipment, thousands of Russian soldiers fled.

Russian forces used Izium as their logistic base during one campaign, a long-running offensive from the north against Donetsk and Luhansk’s Donbass regions.

According to the state-run TASS news agency Russia’s defense ministry said that it had given orders to troops to leave Donetsk in order to strengthen operations elsewhere within Donetsk.


TASS reported that Kharkiv’s head of Russia’s administration advised residents to leave the region and flee to Russia to “save lives.” Witnesses claimed to have seen cars jammed with Russian-held residents.

Russia would be severely affected if the gains made are not reversed. According to Western intelligence services, Russia has suffered a lot of casualties. This would be a boost for Ukraine, which is trying to show that the West supports it with weapons.

Kyiv must make progress before winter sets-in. Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to stop all energy exports to Europe if Brussels does not limit the Russian oil exports’ price.

Dmytro Kuleba is Ukraine’s foreign minister. He stated that in Kyiv, the Ukrainian forces had demonstrated their ability to defeat Russia’s army with the weapons they were given.


He stated: “And so I repeat: The faster our victory is and the faster this war ends, the more weapons we have.”

Volodymyr Zelenskiy was the President of Ukraine. He stated that Ukraine’s Armed Forces had retaken roughly 2,000 km (770 miles) from its counter-offensive earlier in the month.

“Russian army holds the title of fastest army in the world… Keep running!” Zelenskiy’s chief-of staff, Andriy Yaermak posted this tweet.

Officials from Ukraine didn’t confirm that Izium had been captured. However, Yermak took a photo of Izium’s outskirts and tweeted a Grapes Emoji. The city’s name means “raisin”.

The Russian withdrawal announcement was made hours after the Ukrainian troops captured Kupiansk in the north. This was the only rail hub that provided Russia with its entire front-line through northeastern Ukraine. Ukrainian officials posted photos on Saturday of troops raising the yellow-and-blue flag of their country before Kupiansk’s municipal hall.

This led to the abrupt cutoff of supplies for thousands of Russian troops at a front that had witnessed some of the most intense wars.

Telegram: Igor Girkin, an excommander of proRussian forces, described Russia’s pullback as a “major defeat”.

Since several weeks, Ukraine has been discussing a major counteroffensive against South Ukraine. Although details are not available, it is being implemented.

Russia still holds large areas of Donbas and Crimean Peninsula south from the Crimean Peninsula it seized in 2014.

Kyiv’s forces broke through northeast front line days earlier and have since retaken many more villages and towns in a mechanized assault. They now move forward at a pace of dozens or miles per day.

Hanna Malyar, Ukraine’s deputy defense Minister, issued a warning for those who reported that Ukrainian troops had “taken” their towns. She stated that troops had just entered Balakliia a few days earlier, but that Ukraine took over the city on Saturday.

Reuters saw burned-out vehicles bearing the Russian invasion symbol, the Hrakove symbol “Z”. This village was captured by the Ukrainian advance. In apparent haste, the Russians abandoned their positions and left behind boxes full of ammunition and trash.

Three bodies were found in white bags inside white bags and were spray-painted on a wall.

Volodymyr Tymoshenko served as the regional chief for police. He stated that the Ukrainian police had arrived in Kiev the morning before and verified the identities of those who have lived under Russian occupation for more than two years.

“The government’s first duty is to provide the assistance they require. He stated that the next task was to document the crimes committed by Russian invaders in territories they temporarily occupied.

Witness in Valuyki, Russia’s Belgorod Region close to the border with Ukraine, told Reuters she saw Kupiansk families sleeping on roads and eating in their cars.

Witness said that he saw many Kupiansk people at the market today. Witness stated that the Ukrainian army had taken half of the city and Russia is retreating.

Vyacheslav Gladkov (Belgorod governor) stated that officials were providing food, and medical assistance, to all those queuing for entry into Russia. Senator Andrey Turchak, a member of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, reported that there were more than 400 vehicles at the frontier.

Officials in Ukraine claim that a Russian rocket fired on Kharkiv Saturday night. It caused damage to several homes and killed at least one person.

Reuters could not confirm the accounts on the battlefield independently.

“The advance was enormous. “There are some sporadic fights, but most of the occupiers are fleeing,” Serhiy Gaidai, Luhansk region governor, said to Ukrainian television.

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