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World Cup 2022: Public back Qatar workers’ fund – Amnesty survey

According to Amnesty International, almost three quarters (75%) of UK adults would support Fifa’s use of World Cup revenue to compensate migrants who were hurt during preparations for the tournament.

According to the YouGov poll, 70% of respondents wanted the Football Association’s voice to be heard on issues related to human rights at the event.

The campaign group requested Fifa to establish a Compensation Fund of at least PS350m for workers who had suffered “human rights violations”.

This sum is equal to the prize money fund for 2022 World Cup.


Amnesty International claims that Fifa will make an estimated PS5bn through the tournament.

Up to 30,000 migrant laborers were used in projects to build seven stadiums for finals in Qatar.

Amnesty claims that this has been the case since 2010.

Many thousands of migrants work in the country

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While working to create the infrastructure needed to host the tournament and the venues, they were subject to human rights violations.

Surveys were conducted in 15 countries and surveyed more than 17,000 adults. Nearly 73% of respondents supported World Cup revenues being used to pay worker compensation. This figure was 74% compared to the 2,183 people surveyed in the UK.

Steve Cockburn (Amnesty International’s Head of Economic and Social Justice) said that “with less than 50 days before kick-off,”

These findings send a clear signal to football’s leaders

“People around the world are united in their desire for Fifa to step up and compensate the Qatari migrant workers for their suffering. They want their national associations to take a stronger stance. ”

“The past cannot ever be undone, but Fifa and Qatar have a simple way to provide some redress for the hundreds of thousands who made this tournament possible.

Fifa stated in a statement to BBC Sport that it did not know if respondents were aware of recent measures taken by Fifa and Qatari partners in order to protect workers. These developments are largely due to the World Cup being held in Qatar.

“This includes putting pressure on companies to remediate workers who were involved in World Cup preparations. Companies that fail to meet standards have paid workers various forms of compensation.

“Fifa will continue to work to provide remediation for workers affected by World Cup-related work, in accordance to its human rights policy. ”

The FA declined comment. It was part of Uefa’s June working group, which visited Qatar in June and discussed with organizers the demands for additional compensation by various groups, including Amnesty. It stated that it supports the idea of a migrant worker center and agreed to the principle that all injuries or deaths in any work place in any country should receive compensation.

According to the working group, Fifa received a request for updates on the compensation issue from

Harry Kane, England’s striker, has stated that he wants “to shine a light on Qatari human rights issues” and has spoken to other international captains to see if they could make collective protests.

Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands have protested against the alleged violations of human rights in Qatar.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup starts on 20 November.

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