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Ukraine calls for more Western arms after Russian setback

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zilenskiy asked the West to accelerate weapons system deliveries as Ukrainian troops attempt to consolidate control of a large area of northeastern territory that was seized from Russia.

Moscow has abandoned its main fortress in northeastern Ukraine, marking its worst defeat since the beginning of the war. On Saturday (10 September), Ukrainian troops retook dozens of towns in an astonishing shift in battleground momentum.

According to a senior US military officer, Russia has given up most of the territory in the northeast near Kharkiv and many of its troops have been redirected across the border.

Washington and its allies provided Ukraine billions of dollars worth weapons, which Kyiv claims have contributed to Russian gains. Zelenskiy stated that the West and Ukraine must strengthen cooperation in order to defeat Russian terror in a video address Monday night.


Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, stated that Ukrainian forces made “significant progress” thanks to Western support.

Blinken stated that the “what they have done was very methodically planned and of course it’s benefited greatly from significant support by the United States (and many other countries) in terms of making certain that Ukraine has the equipment it requires to prosecute the counteroffensive,” during a Mexico City news conference.

Washington last week announced its latest weapons program for Ukraine, including ammunition for HIMARS Anti-Rocket Systems. It also previously sent Ukraine NASAMS surface to-to-air missile system systems that are capable of taking down aircraft.


Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine had captured approximately 6,000 km (2,400 miles) of territory. This is a small fraction of Ukraine’s total land mass of 600,000. The area of the recaptured land is roughly equal to that of Gaza and the West Bank.

Since its invasion on 24 February, Russia has taken over around a fifth (or 5%) of Ukraine.


In the face of Russia’s worst defeat since April, when they were driven from the outskirts Kyiv, President Vladimir Putin and his top officials have remained silent.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, stepped aside Monday to answer a reporter’s query about Putin’s confidence in the military leadership.

“The special military operations continue. It will continue until the original goals are met,” Peskov stated.

Putin chaired a meeting about the economy on Monday (12/09/) and said that Russia is holding up well in spite of Western sanctions.

He stated that the economic blitzkrieg tactics and the onslaught they were counting upon did not work.

Sony Music was among the global companies that exited Russia on Tuesday, 13 September. It stated that it would be transferring its business and musicians to local management because of the conflict in Ukraine.

Sony Music released a statement saying that the war in Ukraine continues to have a terrible humanitarian impact and Russia sanctions continue to rise, so we cannot maintain a presence there.”

Global food prices have soared due to the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is a major grain supplier.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the International Monetary Fund’s executive committee reviewed Monday’s plan to help Ukraine and other countries affected by Russia’s war.


As thousands of Russian troops retreated, leaving behind ammunition, equipment and ammunition, Russia launched missiles at power stations, causing blackouts across Kharkiv, Sumy, and the surrounding Poltava regions.

Regional emergency services stated on Facebook that Monday’s fires were started by the destruction of residential areas and the destruction of infrastructure.

Concerns about radioactive catastrophe have been raised by the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which is Russian-owned. The UN’s atomic watchdog suggested the creation of a protective zone around the nuclear power plant. This is Europe’s largest and most important. Both sides are interested in this proposal, the IAEA chief stated.

Rafael Grossi said to reporters, “We’re playing with fire.” We cannot continue in this situation where we are just one step away from a nuclear disaster. The safety of Zaporizhzhia’s power plant is at risk.

The British defence ministry stated that Moscow was having difficulty bringing reserves to the south. This is because Ukraine wants to isolate thousands Russian soldiers on the west banks of the Dnipro River. Most Russian forces are forced to concentrate on “emergency defensive activities.”

According to the southern command of Ukraine, its forces have retaken 500 km of territory in the South. This killed 59 Russian troops and destroyed 20 pieces of equipment.

It was impossible to confirm the situation.

Oleksiy Aretovych, the Ukrainian presidential adviser, stated that Ukrainian forces were making significant progress in Donetsk. He crossed the Siverskyi Donets River and threatened to retake key Russian towns. This was after heavy fighting in June/ July.

The Ukrainian forces moved closer to the territory held by Russian troops in the northern, and the residents of the frontline villages returned to their homes for the first time since months.

“People are crying, people smile, but they are happy, of course. They couldn’t be more joyful! Zoya, 76-year-old retired English teacher, said it in Zolochiv (north of Kharkiv, and 18 kilometers from the Russian frontier).

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