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Sanctions hamper Russia’s ability to make advanced weapons, NATO says

After the 24 February invasion by Ukraine, the United States and the European Union announced several sanctions against Moscow. These included an embargo on advanced technology sales.

Rob Bauer, a Dutch Admiral and NATO’s Military Committee Chair, stated in an interview that “they are hampered more than ever by the sanctions”

He said, “We now see signs of that in terms their ability to produce, such as the replacement of cruise missiles or more advanced weaponry.”

Josep Borrell, EU’s chief of foreign policy, stated Tuesday (13 September), that Moscow’s inability to sustain its weapons production was being severely affected by the loss of technology caused by EU sanctions.


Bauer stated that both sides are facing difficulties because of the traditional conflict, which has necessitated the expenditure of military supplies at rates not seen in decades.

According to the Russians, they still have an industrial base that can produce lots of ammunition. He said that they still have lots of ammunition, ahead of the two-day NATO defence chiefs meeting in Estonia on Friday.

Moscow claims that the “special military operation” it called was necessary in order to stop Ukraine being used as a platform to West aggression and to protect Russian-speakers. These arguments are dismissed by Kyiv and its Western allies as pretexts for an aggressive war of aggression imperial-style.


On 12 September, President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is holding firm against Western sanctions. He said, while presidencing a meeting about the economy, that the economic blitzkrieg tactics and the onslaught they were counting upon did not work.

Bauer stated that around 85% of Russian troops were already fighting in Ukraine. This limits Russia’s ability expand its military presence, as it cannot declare a war without a general mobilization.

“We are seeing a limited number of new troops arriving. Bauer stated that one thing is certain: the troops are not being trained to the highest standard.

The counter-offensive by Ukraine in the northeast Kharkiv area stunned Russia this month. Officials from Ukraine claim that 9,000 sq km (3.400 sq miles) of territory was retaken. This is about the same size as the island of Cyprus.

Bauer stated that the success of the advance was due to NATO-standard Ukrainian troop training from 2014, which allowed its units take initiative.

He stated that one of the reasons they are so successful is because the Russians fight in an old-fashioned way.

“Every Russian unit receives its direction from higher authorities. Therefore, if anything changes, they wait for a new order. The Ukrainians advanced so fast that the Russians couldn’t get (new commands) and had to retreat.


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