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With a grin, Putin warns Ukraine: ‘The war can get more serious’

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan meet on the sidelines of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization summit in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), 16 September 2022.

Vladimir Putin smiled at the lightning Ukrainian counter-offensive, but warned that Russia would retaliate harder if it was under greater pressure.

Putin spoke shortly after the summit in Samarkand, Uzbek of Shanghai Co-operation Organization. Putin described the invasion as necessary in order to stop what he called an attempt by Westerners against Russia.


He stated that Moscow wasn’t in hurry to assist Ukraine. Its goals remained unchanged.

“The Kiev authorities announced that they had launched an active counter-offensive, and are currently conducting it. Putin smiled and replied, “Let’s watch how this unfolds.”

It was his first public comment on the massacre of his troops in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, a week ago. Russian military commentators have voiced uncharacteristically strong criticisms of this incident.

As a result, Russia attacked Ukrainian infrastructure. The attack included the destruction of a reservoir dam as well as the disruption of electricity supply. Putin said that the attacks could escalate.


“Recently, some sensitive blows were inflicted by the Russian Armed Forces. Let’s say they are a warning. He stated that if the situation worsens, the response would be more severe.

Putin said that Russia was gradually gaining control of new areas in Ukraine.

When asked if he believed the “special military operation” should be rectified, he said: “The plan can’t be adjusted.”

Putin stated that while the General Staff might consider one thing more important or less, the main task of liberating Donbass is still being accomplished. The ultimate goal is to free the entire Donbass territory.

The Donbas is composed of two Russian-speaking areas in eastern Ukraine: Luhansk, which is currently completely under the control Russian-backed separatist force and Donetsk, which they have a partial.

Russia controls about a fifth Ukraine. This includes a lot Zaporizhzhia Karaon provinces to its south and Crimea, which it took over in 2014. It considers Crimea a part of Russia.

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