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Queen of Soviet pop assails Putin’s war in Ukraine

Alla Pugacheva (a Russian singer) arrives in Moscow to pay her last respects to Iosif Kolzon, a pro-Kremlin politician, and veteran Russian singer, on September 2, 2018.

Alla Pugacheva (the Soviet pop queen) has condemned President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine. She stated that Russia was making it a global pariah by killing soldiers to achieve illusory goals and burdening the common people.

Since the invasion of Russia on 24 February, Russia has been clamping down against any form of dissent. Artists who make antiwar statements have been subject to fines. State TV depicts critics in a traitorous light.


Pugacheva (73), a Soviet-Soviet icon who is probably Russia’s most famous women, requested Russia to classify Pugacheva as a “foreign agent” because Maxim Galkin, 46 was on the state’s 16 Sept list.

“I ask you to include me among the ranks of foreign agents, my beloved country because I am in solidarity with my husband,” Pugacheva wrote on Instagram. This is banned in Russia.

Pugacheva said that her husband was a patriot who wanted a country of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Pugacheva said that Russia was becoming “a paean”, as Russians were losing their lives to the conflict. Pugacheva, though she didn’t use war, expressed disapproval at what the Kremlin called a “special military operation”.


This type of harsh criticism from one of Russia’s most prominent people is rare and very dangerous in modern Russia.

It also shows concern among the wider Russian elite about the war.

A labeling of someone as “foreign agents” is the first sign that authorities may be in serious trouble. This label, which is often associated with the Soviet era, must be prominently displayed on all content it bears. They must also comply with arduous financial and bureaucratic requirements.

Boris Yeltsin, Putin and others have in the past praised Pugacheva. She also praised Mikhail Gorbachev’s willingness to accept freedom and reject violence after he died.

Putin views the war in Ukraine as an attempt to stop Western attempts at destroying Russia. This plot is very similar to the Napoleonic invasions of 1812 and 1941.

Ukraine claims that it is fighting an imperial Russian occupation. It will continue to fight until all soldiers are ejected.

This war has caused the deaths of thousands and unleashed inflationary waves throughout the global economy. It also raised geopolitical tensions to levels not seen since 1962’s Cuban missile crisis.

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