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No better offer on the table for Iran – France

France’s foreign minister said on Monday (19 September) that Iran would not accept a lower offer to renew a nuclear agreement with world powers. Tehran was free to make a decision now as the window for finding a solution was closing.

Indirect talks between Iran’s government and the United States have failed to resolve several issues. Tehran demanded that the International Atomic Energy Agency close its investigation into uranium trace evidence at three unreported sites. The US also promised not to withdraw from any future nuclear agreements.

Catherine Colonna, a UN General Assembly member in New York, stated that Iran will not accept a lower offer and that Iran must make the right decision. She also said that there were no plans to resolve the problem.

According to Western diplomats, there are not active negotiations right now and it is unlikely that any breakthrough will occur before the US midterm elections in November. They accuse Iran of being backwards in the negotiations, which Tehran refutes.


In remarks made by Iranian state media, Mohammad Eslami, Iran’s nuclear chief, said that there are indications that IAEA is planning to close the case of three sites in Iran. “We hope they will be truthful and not waste any more time trying to pressure Iran.”

European officials insist that Iran give credible answers to IAEA’s questions. They fear that if this issue is not addressed, it will weaken the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty which provides the framework for halting the spread of nuclear weapons-making capabilities.

Colonna stated that the United States and European partners held an identical view on the issue of how to resolve an investigation.


Ebrahim Raisi of Iran, addressed world leaders at UN Wednesday. He stated that Iran would seriously consider reviving the nuclear agreement if the United States provided guarantees it would not withdraw as it did under President Donald Trump.

Diplomats stated that the U.S. offered guarantees for 2.5 years but was unable to offer more.

According to a source close to Iran’s nuclear programme, Tehran has lost interest in renewing a deal that is only good for two years.

“Our nuclear programme is moving forward every day, and this time we are on our side. They should be concerned about it,” said the source.


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