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Tony Murphy takes office as president of the European Court of Auditors

Tony Murphy, the new ECA president, takes office today (1 October)

Tony Murphy, an Irish national was elected president of the ECA by its members on September 20th. He will serve the period 1 October 2022 to 30 Sept 2025. Klaus-Heiner Lenne, who has been the institution’s president since 2016, is being replaced by him.

Tony Murphy, originally from Cabra, Dublin, became a Member of European Court of Auditors (ECA) in 2018. He has been primarily responsible for financial audits. He was also responsible for audits related to child poverty, regularity of EU cohesion spending and regularity. Before that, he was director of Chamber IV (Regulation and competition in the economy) and head the private office for an ECA member. In the late 1970s, he began his career as an auditor with the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Dublin. Click to see his complete CV.

“It’s an honor to be elected President of the ECA. Tony Murphy said that he wanted to thank the Court Members for their confidence in him. He also stated that he is aware of the immense responsibility this role comes with. I will continue to work towards improving transparency and accountability across all EU actions. This is essential for citizens’ trust and confidence in the EU’s finances.


Tony Murphy is elected president of the ECA, making him the 12th president. This comes at a critical time for the EU and the ECA. The most important task for Mr Murphy’s presidency will be to ensure that the EU budget of EUR1.8 trillion is well managed and that NextGenerationEU is contributing effectively to economic recovery in the 27 member countries.


The ECA, the European Union’s external auditor, is an independent body. The ECA’s opinions and reports are an integral part of the EU accountability chain. These reports and opinions are used to hold accountable those who implement EU policies and programs: the Commission, other EU institutions, bodies, and member state governments. The ECA provides guidance and direction to legislators and policymakers on how to improve management of EU programmes and policies.


For a three-year renewable term, the 27 ECA members elect the president to be a ‘first among equals.’ The institution’s president is responsible for its corporate strategy, planning, performance management, communication, media relations and legal matters. He also represents it in its external relations.

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