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Pope begs Putin to end ‘spiral of violence and death’

Pope Francis asked Vladimir Putin to help stop the “spiral of violence and death” in Ukraine. He said that the crisis was threatening nuclear escalation with uncontrollable global consequences.

Pope Francis addressed thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square condemning Putin’s recent annexes in Ukraine. Putin was asked to think of his people in case of an escalation.

A Vatican official said that the passionate appeal reminded him of a radio peace call made by Pope John XXIII during 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis.

It was the first time Francis, who has repeatedly condemned Russia’s invasion and destruction in Ukraine, made an open personal appeal for Putin.


Francis stated that he is haunted “rivers of blood, and tears that have been shed over these months” and asked Volodymyr Zelenskiy to openly discuss any “serious peace proposal.”

He appealed to God for an immediate end to the conflict and said that it was absurd that the entire world was at risk from nuclear war.

Francis said: “My appeal goes all the way to the President of Russia Federation. I appeal to him to stop this spiral of violence, death.


He added, “On the other side, hurt by the immense suffering suffered of the Ukrainian people after the aggression, I address an equally hopeful appellation to the president for a serious proposal for peace.”

Later, Francis tweeted the appeals in both Russian and Ukrainian.

Two days after Putin annexed almost a fifth of Ukraine’s territory to Russia and placed them under Russia’s nuclear umbrella, Francis stressed that all countries have the right to “sovereignty” and territorial integrity.

The annexes of Putin were condemned by Kyiv and its Western allies. Zelenskiy declared that his forces would fight to retake all Ukrainian territory held by Russian forces.

Ukraine won full command over Lyman, an eastern logistics hub. This was Kyiv’s largest battlefield victory in several weeks.

He clearly was referring to the annexed matter. More actions that go against the principles of International Law.

He said that this increased the likelihood of a nuclear escalation, to the point where people fear uncontrollable, devastating consequences at a worldwide level.

Francis mentioned the Ukrainian ethnic Russians who live in Ukraine. He said it was important that minorities are respected as well as their legitimate concerns.

Francis said that it was anguishing to see the world learning about Ukraine’s geography via names like Bucha, Irpin, and Mariupol.

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