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Head of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant has been released, IAEA chief says

After a Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine was detained, U.N. nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi announced that the man responsible has been released. This followed a detention Ukraine claimed was a terrorist act.

Ukraine claimed that a Russian police had arrestedIhor Murahov while he was traveling from Europe’s largest nuclear power plant to Enerhodar, where many of the plant workers live. The International Atomic Energy Agency warned that the Ukrainian staff continued to operate the plant in unsafe conditions.

The IAEA claimed that it had been in touch with “the relevant authorities”, Saturday (1 Oct), without naming Russia, and claimed that Murashov informed them of his “temporary imprisonment”.

Grossi tweeted Monday that he was happy for Ihor Murashov to be released (director general of Ukraine’s #Zaporizhzhya nuke power plant); he had confirmed that Murashov has returned home safely to his family.


Russia and Ukraine are blaming each other for the destruction of buildings at the plant’s location. To reduce the chance of a catastrophe, the IAEA requested the creation of a protective area around the site. Grossi will be holding talks in Moscow next week.

According to IAEA Murashov was arrested “in an instant impact on decision-making to ensure safety and security at the facility”. This is in addition the existing security concerns at the facility.


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