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Macron’s chief of staff indicted over link to shipping giant MSC

President Emmanuel Macron was indicted by the National Criminal Crimes Prosecutor for a Conflict of Interest relating to his alleged connections to the Swiss-Italian Shipping Firm MSC, according the Prosecutor’s Office.

Alexis Kohler, Macron’s most trusted advisor and most influential is a great example of this trust. It is a blow that his indictment, which legalizes him in France, has been filed.

It stated that Alexis Kohler, currently Secretary-General of France’s Presidency, was being investigated for illegally taking of interest.

Macron’s office did not immediately respond to a request to comment. Le Figaro reported, despite being under investigation, that Macron preferred to keep Kohler in the job.


Macron’s office stated previously that Kohler had never hidden his family ties to the Aponte family which founded and still controls MSC.

Anticor, an anti-graft group, brought a complaint against Kohler claiming that he had violated conflict-of-interest rules. After it was discovered that Kohler had ties to the Italian owners of MSC, this complaint was filed. Kohler had worked previously for them between two government jobs.

MSC, a cruise ship operator, is one of Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s largest clients. This makes the Queen Mary2. In the last decade, the French government attempted several times to restructure Queen Mary2.


According to the complaint, Kohler was implicated in conflicts of interests while working for MSC between 2012-2014. Kohler later worked in Paris for the French state holdings Agency. He was also a senior official in Macron’s finance ministry team from 2014 to 2016.

After Macron’s resignation in 2016, Kohler was forced to resign from the finance ministry. Kohler left the finance ministry and moved to Geneva to join MSC’s board. After Macron’s 2017 election, Kohler resigned to become an Elysee member nine months later.

French law says that a formal investigation occurs when evidence implicates a suspect, but does not necessarily mean that the person being investigated has been charged.

Additional evidence against a person can be added to the case or they can be dismissed from the investigation.

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