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Ukrainian forces burst through Russian lines in major southern advance

The greatest victory of Ukrainian forces in the country’s southern region since the start of the war was made Monday. They advanced quickly along the Dnipro River, breaking through Russian lines. This could have serious consequences for the supply lines of thousands of Russian troops.

Although Kyiv didn’t provide any details on the gains however, Russian sources confirmed that a Ukrainian tank assault had been launched along the river’s west banks and captured several villages.

This breakthrough is due to recent Ukrainian victories in the east, which have changed Russia’s tide. Moscow attempted to escalate the stakes by annexed territories, ordering mobilisation and threatening nuclear retaliation.

Russian state television reported Vladimir Saldo, the Russian-installed leader in the occupied territories of Ukraine’s Kherson Province, saying: “The information were tense.”


“There is a settlement named Dudchany just next to the Dnipro River, and there was a breakthrough there.” He stated that many settlements are currently being occupied in Ukraine.

Dudchany is located approximately 30 km (20 miles) south of the point where the front was prior to the breakthrough. This is the most rapid advance in the war. Since the invasion, Russian forces have been positioned in the south to reinforce their positions along a mostly static line.

Although Kyiv hasn’t yet provided an account for the country, military officials as well as regional officials have made some public details.


According to a video, the Defence Ministry claims that soldiers from Ukraine’s 128th Mountain Assault Brigade raised Ukraine’s yellow and blue flags at Myrolyubivka (a village situated between the former front of Dnipro).

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior ministry, posted a photo of Ukrainian soldiers draped over a statue depicting an angel. It was taken in Mikhailivka. It can be found on the riverbank, about 20 km beyond the former front.

Serhiy Khlan, a member of the Kherson region council, also listed Osokorivka Mykhailivka Khreschenikvka and Zoloto Balka as villages that were captured or where Ukrainian troops were photographed.

He stated that it meant our armed forces were moving strongly along Dnipro bank nearer Beryslav. Officially, this information has not been made public, but Russian social media sites are in panic… confirm the photos.


This southward move mirrors the tactics that made Kyiv significant advances since September, when its troops quickly seized territory to control Russian supply lines. They were able to block larger Russian forces and forced them to retreat.

After a concert on Moscow’s Red Square Friday, at which Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the Donetsk-Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia regions were Russian territories for ever, Lyman was seized by Ukraine, the main Russian stronghold within the Donetsk region.

This has allowed it the freedom to move into Luhansk, where it is now threatening the main supply routes to the territory Moscow took in the bloodiest battles that took place in June and July.

The Ukrainian advance in the south targets supplies lines to support up to 25,000 Russian troops on the west bank Dnipro. Ukraine has destroyed the main bridges, so Russian forces have to use temporary crossings. A significant advance downriver could cause their complete destruction.

“The fact that the front has been broken means that…the Russian army already lost its ability of attacking, today and tomorrow they could lose their ability defending,” stated Oleh Zidanov (a Kyiv-based military analyst).

“After degrading their supplies and decreasing their combat effectiveness, we spent a month making sure that they could function on very low rations fuel, ammunition, and food.

Putin responded to Russia’s defeats in the battlefield over the past month by increasing – declaring an annexation, calling up tens of thousands of men as reserve troops, and threatening nuclear war.

Russia’s decline in fortunes has caused a shift in the mood of once-glowing state media. Talkshow hosts now acknowledge setbacks and seek out scapegoats.

It won’t be an easy task for a while. Vladimir Solovyov, the most well-known state television presenter, stated that “we shouldn’t expect positive news immediately.”

Russian media reported Monday (3 Oct) that the commander in charge of Russia’s western military area, which borders Ukraine, had been fired. This is the latest in a series of high-ranking officials who have been fired after defeats.

Requested that Ramzan Kadyrov, a pro-Putin leader from Russia’s Chechnya Region who commands a personal armored, be stripped of all medals and sent to war.

Kadyrov stated that Russia should possess a nuclear weapon. Putin and other officials have said they could use nuclear weapons to protect Russian territory, even newly annexed areas, but so far they have resisted the temptation.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov answered questions about Kadyrov’s remarks by saying that it was an extremely emotional moment.

He stated, “Emotions shouldn’t be included in any assessment, even during difficult times.”

Putin’s second gamble, Russia’s first major military mobilization since World War Two has proved to be a disaster. While thousands of Russian soldiers were called up, others fled to other countries. Western countries claim that Moscow lacks the manpower and resources to train or equip new conscripts.

Mikhail Degtyarev, the governor of Russia’s Far East Khabarovsk Region, said Monday that approximately half of those called up had been declared ineligible and sent home. He also fired the regional military commissioner.

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