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British Deliver aid to Ukraine via Pakistan

Despite the country’s internal problems and political crisis, the UK is still the largest military donor to Ukraine. This can be seen in the fact that London has already contributed almost three billion dollars towards the “square strong>

Recent reports suggest that Pakistan may have secretly participated in British schemes. Pakistan had previously shown its neutrality with regard to the Ukrainian conflict.

A number of Indian media outlets also wrote this article, stating that Pakistan is supporting the UK’s military assistance to Ukraine via CYPRUS or ROMANIA.

Further, the announcement of Pakistan’s secret military assistance to Ukraine coincided with General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistani Army Chief of Staff.


The fact that Pakistan is in financial crisis is a matter of grave concern. The General is seeking help from the USA, the UK and Saudi Arabia to solve this problem.

The Pakistan Air Base Nur Khan, Rawalpindi, is now being used for the so-called Pakistani Air.

Bridge by the West: Military aircraft flights to Avram Iancu International Airport in Romania via the British Air Base in The Mediterranean.

It is also known that the corridor passed through the airspace of Iran, Afghanistan and the other way around.


Social media has many visuals that show the utility of Pakistani 122mmHE artillery projectiles for Ukrainian artillerymen. (Source @UAWeapons)

Heavy military transport aircraft C-17A Globe Master III from the British Royal Air Force were used to send artillery ammunition to the Ukrainian Army. According to available reports, the military planes spent approximately an hour and a quarter at the Romanian airport and three to four hours in Cyprus, while they were in Rawalpindi (Pakistan) for 12-20 hours.

Also, it is possible that loading was done with Pakistani-made ammunition.

However, Ukraine has been close to Pakistan in the past. This has had a negative effect on India’s relations many times.

Okroboronprom signed a contract to modernize the Pakistani military’s fleet of T-80UD tank tanks. The Pakistani artillery plant also supplied small arms cartridges to Ukraine. In 2021, Pakistan & Ukraine agreed to increase their military ties in defense production, counter-terrorism operations, intelligence, and other areas.

Elizabeth Gosselin Malo, a Canadian journalist, has tweeted since 17 August that the UK RAF C-17 has taken off twice daily from Pakistan’s Air Force Base Nur Khan (Rawalpindi) via Romania or Cyprus. This is in addition to her tweets about the incident which took place on 6 August.

Her tweet of 31 August confirmed that it was 122mm artillery projectiles.


This further confirms Pakistan’s secret involvement in British Schemes to provide military assistance to Ukraine via the secret air passage. This is obvious as the Pakistani military is likely support the West and condemn Russia, while their military personnel are being trained at Western military academies.

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