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Will Russia use nuclear weapons? Putin’s warnings explained

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned the West that an attack against Russia could result in a nuclear reaction.

Will Putin Use Nukes? How Many Do He Have? How would the United States and its NATO Military Alliance Respond to Him?


It all depends on Putin’s perception of the threat to Russia and his rule.


Putin refers to the conflict with Ukrainein Russia a struggle between Russia, the West and Russia. Putin claims that the West wants Russia to be destroyed and its vast natural resources taken over.

Putin warnedWest he was honest and that he would use nuclear weapons to defend Russia. Although some experts believe Putin lies, Washington still takes Putin seriously.

Putin claims that 18% of Ukraine is now part of Russia. This increases the risk of nuclear attacks. Putin could use any attack against these territories as an attack upon Russia.


Russia’s nuclear doctrine allows for a nuclear strike in case of “aggression against Russia using conventional weapons, when there is a risk to the existence or survival the state”.

Many Russians live in Ukraine, which Putin declared Russian territory. The tactical situation will not be changed by breaking the post-World War Two nuclear taboo.

“He lies right now,” said Yuri Fyodorov, a Prague-based military analyst. “But it’s hard to predict what will occur in the next week, or month – once his war consciousness has been lost.”

CBS asked William Burns, Director at the CIA, if Putin was heading towards a nuclear attack. He replied that he considered everything very serious and took his threats seriously.

Burns stated that U.S. intelligence had no “practical evidence” that Putin was close to using tactical nuclear weapons.


Russian officials have not called for a strike using nuclear weapons strategic to destroy cities in America, Russia and Europe.

Ramzankadyrov is thehead in Russia’s Chechnya Region. He suggested that Moscow consider using a low-yield tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

Tactical nuclear weapons are nuclear weapons that can be used on the battlefield to “tactical” purpose. They are smaller than large bombs, which would be required for the destruction of large cities such as Moscow, Washington, and London.

These weapons can also be dropped from an aircraft or shot at missiles below.

Russia has special forces with nuclear-trained nuclear capabilities that are capable of fighting on an apocalyptic battlefield. It isn’t clear, however, how Russia’s regular soldiers, mercenaries, and drafted reserveists would fare.

What would the UNION STATES do?

As the dominant superpower in the world, the United States would determine how to respond to any Russian nuke attack.

Ninety percent of the world’s nuclear warheads are controlled by Russia and the United States. Their arsenals were constructed during the Cold War, and the Soviet Union gave Russia its nuclear resources.

Joe Biden, the U.S. president, would consider a nonmilitary option. This would include responding to another nuclear attack that would threaten escalation and responding by conventional strikes that could include Washington in direct conflict with Moscow.

The U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that Washington had warned Moscow of “catastrophic consequences” if it used nukes.

Retired General David Petraeus, former chief of the CIA, stated that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, NATO and the United States would destroy their troops in Ukraine as well as their equipment – and sink their whole Black Sea fleet.

Washington was reminded in a interview that nuclear weapons were only used in war, in the 1945 attack against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


According to The Federation of American Scientists Russia is the most powerful nuclear power on the planet based upon its nuclear warheads. It has 5,977 warheads, while the United States has 5,428,

These figures don’t include stockpiled and retired warheads. Both Washington and Moscow are equipped with sufficient firepower to destroy the entire known world.

The most recent public data shows that Russia has 1,458 nuclear warheads and the United States has 1,389. These warheads are found aboard intercontinental missiles and strategic bombers, as well as ballistic missiles aboard subseas.

Russia has around 10 times the number of tactical nuclear weapons as the United States. Around half of the 200 US tactical nuclear weapons are deployed in Europe.

The yields of US tactical nuclear weapons can be adjusted between 0.3 and 170 kilotons. (The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb was about 15 kilotons of dynamite).

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