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Heirs of Spain’s fascist party founder ask for his remains to be exhumed

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera’s family, founder of the Spanish fascist Falange Party, has asked for the exhumation of his remains. His remains were buried in the Monument known as The Valley of the Fallen. This is where the remains of dictator Francisco Franco remained up to October 2019. Spanish newspaper ABC reported Monday (10/10).

ABC posted a statement by the family stating that Primo de Rivera’s heirs had made their decision following the recent approval of the law of Democratic Memory which allows the basilica to be a civil burial site.

According to the family, Primo de Rivera’s will is being fulfilled and the exhumation and burial in a Catholic cemetery are “obliged” according to the Catholic rite. He was shot to death in 1936.

The Spanish parliament approved last week a new bill to address Franco’s legacy and civil war that preceded him. It also included measures honoring victims of violence or persecution.


The left-wing government drafted the new legislation. It is expected to be in force within the next few days following publication in the government’s official bulletin.

The bill encourages the exhumation and search for victims buried in mass graves. It also states that no one can be buried in any prominent location in the complex.

Felix Bolanos (the minister in charge of the bill) stated earlier this month that the government would initiate the necessary proceedings to remove the remains of the founder of the Falange party from The Valley of the Fallen.


An official source stated that the government thanked the family for agreeing to exhume him.

According to the source, the government is also looking to provide assistance to more than 100 families in removing their relatives from what will be renamed “Cuelgamuros Val”.

Near Madrid, the state-run mausoleum, which is carved into a mountain, and topped with a cross of 150 meters, was once a mass grave for almost 34,000 Spaniards who were killed in civil war.

Franco’s remains were reburied at a family crypt on January 19, 2019.

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