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Brexit sanctions mechanism needed

EPP Group MEPs Sean Kelly & Christophe Hansen warned that the EU will enforce its post-Brexit arrangements with the UK. They are strengthening the legal tools necessary to do this, and they have warned the EPP Group MEPs Sean Kelly & Christophe Hansen.

MEPs spoke ahead of tonight’s vote on proposals for stricter rules and procedures to protect EU rights. These include a possible sanction mechanism under the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement and Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The plan is expected to be endorsed by three members of the three parliamentary committees that oversee Trade, Constitutional Affairs, and Foreign Affairs in Brussels on Monday evening.

“It is obvious that we would prefer trade enforcement mechanisms not to be necessary. The UK Government is willing to violate international law by introducing the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the EU can defend itself. Kelly, the lead negotiator for the Trade Committee, stated that this Regulation is essential from an Irish perspective to protect the all-Ireland economic.”

“We would like to see the UK Government adopt a constructive approach to solving any remaining issues regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol. In the next weeks, actions will speak more loudly than words. It has been clear from the beginning that the EU will work with the UK in order to reach mutually acceptable solutions within the frameworks of the Protocol, the Withdrawal Agreement. The Protocol’s overarching goal is to keep peace and prevent a return to a hard border on Ireland. The new UK administration has made talks seem to be moving in a positive direction. Kelly stated that this is a positive development for both sides, and he hoped it would translate into improved relations between the UK and EU overall.


If the UK breaches certain trading conditions, the new Regulation will allow the European Commission to place restrictions on trade, investment, or other activities.

Christophe Hansen, MEP, EPP Group Spokesman for Trade: “While there were some very welcome signs from the UK recently with technical talks resuming about the Northern Ireland Protocol. However, the EU has a responsibility protect the Single Market. The EPP Group aimed to achieve an EU-wide response to such instances, with a clearly defined role for European Parliament. We reached agreement on additional oversight by the Parliament to ensure that all actions taken to address breaches are proportionate.

The final plenary vote is expected to be held in November on the new law. This will be followed by negotiations between Parliament and Council. The Regulation on EU enforcement rules regarding agreements with the UK will likely become law before the end the year.


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