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Jadiyetu Mohamed challenges Polisario leader Brahim Ghali from the European capital

During Thursday’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, which took place in the European Parliament on October 13, the young Sahrawi Jadiyetu Mohamed – pictured – (Khadijatou), she singled out Brahim Ghali, a Chief Polisario separatists, during the hearing titled “sexual Violence and Rape as an Abuse of Power”.

Willy Fautre (president of the NGO HRWF) presented the case at Press Club Brussels. He stated that abuse of power can lead to sexual violence or rape in many settings. In the family, at work, in religious settings, in sport and in the political and economic world.

Mr Willy Fautre presented the case at Press Club Brussels.

M Fautre examined two areas: the abuse of power by political leaders of women, leading to rape, and the brutal power of women during times of war.

Two concrete examples of politicians are provided.

Jadiyetu Mohammed accuses Brahim Ghali of rape. She was 18 years old at the time. An Italian NGO called “Sahara Marathon” invited her to travel to Italy. Before applying for a visa, she needed to get authorization from the Polisario diplomatic representative in Algeria. at the Italian Embassy. Brahim Ghali bribed her and she offers her a visa for sex in return. She refused, but she was raped. Her brother encouraged her to file the complaint. She filed a complaint while she was in Spain three years later, but it was eventually closed. “I see she is in public and if there are any questions, you can ask” Mr Fautre stated in his speech before the European Parliament. He was speaking to the Committee on Women’s Rights and Equality. gender (FEMM).


Toufah Jammeh, “crowned in The Gambia’s beauty pageant, was repeatedly raped and raped by Yahya Jammeh, the former Gambian President.” She lives now in Canada, and fights for justice. Human Rights Watch published an excellent report about Yahya Jammeh’s multiple rapes. He emphasized Mrs. Fautre in his speech.

He concluded his intervention by saying, “The two women will give evidence in detail tonight at the Press Club Brussels Europe.” They will also discuss how difficult it is for them to get justice.

For her part, Sahrawi Jadiyetu Mohammed, a young Sahrawi Jadiyetu, recalled in detail the case of rape, of which she accuses Brahim Ghali, the leader of the Polisario separatists.


“I was just 18 years old, I was a virgin. Brahim Ghali raped me. It’s the worst thing that could happen to a girl,” Jadiyetu said to the Women’s Rights and Equality Commission (FEMM).

Officials of the Polisario movement have committed other crimes against Tindouf camp girls. Polisario, a criminal organization funded by Algeria, has threatened terrorist acts in the Moroccan Sahara regions.

Despite the many serious crimes and violations committed by the Polisario since its inception, it continues to escape all control. The Polisario has used the Tindouf camp as a platform for kidnappings and lootings. This has resulted in thousands of victims not only within the Tindouf camp but also across Mauritania and Mali, South Korea and France. The Polisario has also been responsible for attacks on boats and ships close to the coasts of neighboring countries, as well as armed land operations.

Nearly fifty years of violations and inhuman treatments, including torture and arbitrary executions have gone unpunished. The Algerian redress mechanism, which is the sole authority to investigate all violations on Algerian territory, has refused to examine or process any file related to violations committed by the Polisario.

The hearing was a huge success, with Ms Katarzyna KOZLOWSKA as a social activist, founder, and president of SayStop Foundation, and Dr Branka ANTIC–STAUBER, a collaborator with organizations supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence in Bosnia. Ms Radka MAXOVA, Vice-President of Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality(FEMM), closed the hearing.

Toufah Jammeh, a participant in the Zoom intervention at the Press Club Brussels Europe on Thursday, October 13, stated that she was raped at 18 by Yahya Jammeh, ex-president, Gambia. She stated that she wanted him to know she existed and that she was there.

Jadiyetu Mohammed, a victim to rape by Secretary General of Polisario (Brahim Gaili), presented her case before the Press Club Brussels Europe on Thursday, October 13th 2022. She was joined by Willy FAUTRE, founder and director of Human Rights Without Frontiers, and Maitre Sophie MICHEZ, lawyer at the Brussels Bar.

Jadiyetu’s intervention explains what she saw and what happened that day in 2010. It was during her meeting with Brahim Ghali, Secretary General of Polisario.

It was because I wanted to be closer to my family after many years of working in camps as a translator.

I wanted to be a helper and collaborator. They made me pay in the most cruel and miserable way possible. This is what I experienced at the embassy of the so-called SADR from Brahim Ghali, the secretary general Polisario. He invited me to talk to him and then m raped my wife. I returned and denounced her, and now I am with this.

I don’t like justice being trampled on the underfoot. In interviews I’ve stated that I don’t expect divine justice, because I don’t believe in justice today. How can a cynic or a rapist travel free and be allowed into a territory such as Spain, where he is being pursued by many victims and NGOs?

It’s really cruel of Spanish justice. But I’m still fighting. She adds

Me. Sophie Michez, Lawyer at Brussels Bar, recalls in her intervention that she is not surprised about the facts alleged against Brahim Gahli and all members of the movement (Polisario). She recalled her experiences as an observer at the 2017 Gdeim Izik Trial, highlighting Algeria’s involvement in the Gdeim Izik issue of common-law detainees. The charges against the defendants relate to the formation and murder of 11 individuals as well as having mutilated bodies and set fire to public property.

Me. Sophie Michez also welcomed the procedures taken during the trial which, “contrary what some allege”, confirmed the integrity of the reference practices.

The speaker stated that she was challenged by the “disdain for victims” and, worse, the “talent that these different protagonists had, under the thumbs of the Polisario to deny that the Court had been seized for the barbaric facts.”

M Fautre reminded the audience that sexual rape has become more difficult to get away with.

He said, “It is crucial that international bodies take this phenomenon seriously, beginning by condemning perpetrators.”

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