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A new era of Solar-Powered Cryptocurrency Mining begins with Mecobit

Mecobit Photovoltaic, a global company that focuses on affordable, high-quality solar energy, has announced updates to its Photovoltaic System products, which are used to power cryptocurrency miners and other existing miners. The solar products offered by Mecobit include a portable solar power station, solar panel kits, and the M4000 solar unit.

Backup energy from a Mecobit solar system may power things like home appliances, dryers, pool pumps, electrical vehicle chargers, and even Cryptocurrency mining rigs in the event of a power loss.

In order to create some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, a process known as proof of labour is used, which requires computers to “mine” the currency by solving complex puzzles. Vast volumes of electricity are required to run modern computer systems. Although Bitcoin has been criticised for its high electricity consumption—enough to release 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually—a growing group of miners around the world is developing green, profitable, and unique approaches.

Mecobit provides unique incentives in Cryptocurrency mining, which propel operations to leverage the most affordable energy possible and encourage extra operations worldwide to transform to renewable vitality sources, like solar, as the share of solar-powered hash charge appears more likely to increase.


The percentage of mines using solar power is expected to rise as governments adopt policies to reduce carbon emission levels and introduce additional incentives, such as funding tax credits. While solar power has the benefit of being a sustainable energy source, it is not without its drawbacks, such as the limited availability of sunlight and high installation and transport costs. Because Mecobit covers the cost of shipping and import duties, customers can acquire everything they need to launch their business for the price of the system alone.

About Mecobit

Founded in 2015, Mecobit is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of solar-powered cryptocurrency miners that can utilise Ethash, SHA-256, or Scrypt technology. The company’s mission was to disrupt the solar panel industry by providing more power at a lower price, and it did it by launching the first cryptocurrency mining operation to use solar power. Mecobit was founded in Hong Kong and has offices all around the world, including London.

Additional information on the company and its wares may be found on the company website, which can be found at


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