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Berlusconi renews demands as Italy’s government takes shape

Italy’s next cabinet is slowly taking shape as rightist leader Giorgia maloni negotiates key government positions and allies.

Last month, the right-wing alliance which included Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party as well as Matteo Salvini’s League won the elections. After years of dysfunctional governments, this was a sign of political stability.


After a Monday meeting, the dispute between Meloni and Berlusconi over the cabinet post appeared to have been settled. Berlusconi demanded that his party be granted the justice ministry Tuesday. This could have led to tensions being rekindled.

Senior members of the coalition say that they hope the new government will be in power by next week.

According to a source, Forza Italy will assume control of the foreign ministry from Antonio Tajani. Tajani is a close Berlusconi aide, and career politician.

Sources claim that Salvini, chief of the League, will be responsible for infrastructure while he could give up his position as interior minister to a close technican.

Berlusconi declared Tuesday that Tajani and Salvini will be vice prime minsters. Berlusconi also announced Elisabetta Casellati would be the justice minster. Casellati was an ex-head of the Senate and a prominent Forza Italia politician.



It is not clear what his claim to the justice ministry means. He is currently facing charges of bribing witnesses. He was previously acquitted in a previous case of being charged with bribing witnesses. He denied any wrongdoing.

Berlusconi didn’t get a response from Meloni immediately. Berlusconi stated that he would prefer Carlo Nordio, an ex-prosecutor who is also a Brother of Italy lawmaker, to take the job.

Giancarlo Giorgetti served as the League party’s industrial secretary in Mario Draghi’s previous government. He seemed well-suited to be the economy minister. Giancarlo Giorgetti, a League figure, is moderate and proEuropean.

Giorgetti will have to reconcile the economic stability and promises of the coalition about tax-cutting with the third-largest euro area economy, which has a public debt of around 145%.

Italy will have to tackle record-high inflation and rising energy costs, as well as other issues that affect families and businesses. According to coalition sources, the ecological transition minister will continue to manage energy-related issues.

According to a coalition source Gilberto Pichetto Fratin has been named the frontrunner to succeed Roberto Cingolani. Pichetto Fristin is a long-standing Forza Italy politician and was deputy industry minister in the previous administration.

The defense ministry is another key position in the ongoing war on Ukraine. According to one source, Adolfo Uroso, a brother of Italy, is the most likely candidate for the position.

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