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Russia destroys power and water infrastructure across Ukraine

According to President Volodymyr Zilenskiy, Russia nearly destroyed three-quarters of Ukraine’s power plants in the past week. In an effort to intimidate civilians, Moscow launched more missiles at infrastructure.

Three people were killed by missiles that struck power stations in Kyiv’s capital. One person was killed in the destruction of his Mykolaiv South flat.

Russia admitted that it had used drone and missile strikes to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since the beginning of last week. This was in what President Vladimir Putin described as legitimate retaliation to the explosion on a bridge.

Both Kyiv, West and Russia claim that deliberately attacking civilian infrastructure is a war crime. These attacks are intended to make it impossible for Ukrainians to heat and power during winter. They are Putin’s latest strategy to escalate a war he has lost.


“The country’s situation is extremely critical at the moment. Kyrylo Tyrmoshenko (deputy head) stated to Ukrainian television that the entire country should be prepared for power, water, or heating outages.

Reuters reported that there were three explosions in Mykolaiv Tuesday morning. A missile completely destroyed one wing of a downtown structure, leaving behind a large rubble crater. A fire crew pulled the body of the victim from the rubble.

Oleksandr, who owns a nearby flower shop said that Russians “probably enjoy this.”


Zelenskiy said that Russia continues to terrorize and murder Ukrainian civilians.

He stated that 30% of Ukraine’s electricity plants had been destroyed since October 10th, causing massive blackouts across the country.

Zelenskiy stated again that he will not negotiate with Putin, whom he claimed is a terrorist state.

Zelenskiy decided not to negotiate with Putin after the Russian leader annexed four Ukrainian regions. After suffering humiliating battlefield defeats, Putin summoned hundreds and thousands of reservists to his cause and repeatedly threatened with nuclear weapons.


The exact number of people killed in Tuesday’s strikes is not known. Russia had sent drone swarms to attack infrastructure in Kyiv and other cities a day earlier. At least five people were injured.

Moscow denies deliberately targeting civilians. It has pounded villages and towns in Ukraine as part of what it called “special military operation” to disarm its neighbor.

Russian defense ministry repeatedearlier statements and claimed that it was using high-precision weapons to attack what it called the military targets and energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Russia accuses Ukraine that it used Iranian-made Shahed136 “kamikaze” drones. These drones are intended to strike their target and explode. Iran denies that they exist, and the Kremlin denied using them Tuesday.

Two Iranian diplomats and two senior Iranian officials told Reuters that Tehran had vowed more drones and surface to-surface rockets to Russia. This was certain to upset the United States of America and its allies.

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s Foreign Minister) stated that he would ask Zelenskiy to end all diplomatic ties between Iran and Ukraine in protest over the drones. He claimed that Iran’s actions were deceitful and vile.

According to Jens Stoltenberg (secretary general of NATO), NATO will supply Ukraine with air defense systems in the “coming days”. This is done to help Ukraine defend itself against drone attacks.


Russia named General Sergei Surovkin as the commander in chief of Moscow’s forces fighting in Ukraine earlier this month. Russian media called Surovikin “General Armageddon”. He was a soldier in Syria and Chechnya and helped to eliminate cities using a brutal but effective scorched earth strategy.

His appointment was quickly followed by the largest missile strike against Ukraine ever since the start of war.

Putin used these strikes to respond to the Russian bridge explosion over Crimea. This was the Russian-occupied peninsula Russia took from Ukraine in 2014. While Kyiv didn’t claim responsibility for the attack it did celebrate the destruction of the military target and used it to transport troops and weapons.

James Heappey (minister of British Armed Forces) stated to BBC Radio that Surovikin used a cruel strategy to try and “break the will” of the Ukrainian people.

Tuesday was Tuesday when the Kremlin declared that four territories in Ukraine it claimed to have annexed were now protected by its nuclear arsenal.

As Russia and NATO prepare to conduct annual military exercises to evaluate their nuclear weapons readiness, this statement is timely. Russia’s defense ministry said Tuesday that two of its nuclear-capable Tu95MS strategic bombers had flown for more than 12 hours over the Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk.

Putin stated previously that he is ready to use nuclear weapons in order to defend Russia’s territorial integrity.

Governors from Russia’s Belgorod, Kursk and other regions bordering Ukraine reported Tuesday that cross-border shelling had occurred.

They claimed that Belgorod’s train station was destroyed and that the train links were cut off. In Kursk, two villages were also attacked, causing electricity outages.

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