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Back from the brink: UK Prime Minister Sunak sets out to save his country from disaster

The United Kingdom now has its third Prime Minister. This follows the deceitful actions of Boris Johnson, and the brief escape from reality under Liz Truss. Nick Powell, Political Editor writes that Rishi will be a more predictable leader and more reliable as he seeks stability in his country and to restore his party’s sanity.

Although the British Conservative Party may be on its way to sanity, they have already started by recovering their ruthlessness. The party is primarily the members of parliament. They were saved by their misplaced loyalty to Boris Johnson when ministers resigned after they couldn’t take his serial dishonesty any more.

Ridhi, the Chancellor, was the most prominent of them all, but she failed to succeed in becoming Prime Minister. These MPs gave party members the opportunity to choose Liz Truss. This created the false impression that Liz Truss was a viable option. Her short-lived, disastrous premiership almost brought down the economy of the United Kingdom.

She also destroyed the Conservative party’s credibility among the voters. Rishi Sunak winning the next election within two years would be a political miracle. Boris Johnson was obstructed by MPs, who ruthlessly blocked any possible way back from him.


Johnson’s lies, and Truss’s arrogance gave Sunak the strength to fulfill his promise to “with integrity and humility”. He also recognized the “profound economic challenges” facing the United Kingdom. In a world of rising interest rates and high inflation, economic growth will not be easy.

Since before being pro-Brexit was a requirement in the Conservative party, he has supported the UK’s exit from the European Union for many years. He can still reestablish relations with the EU. In fact, it gives him the political cover to do so. Rishi Sunak probably didn’t notice, when he learned he was to become Prime Minister that the EU had confirmed that it would simplify customs requirements for imports into a single market. However, he wants British businesses to reap the benefits.

If the Northern Ireland Protocol dispute leads to trade sanctions, that won’t be possible. The British government’s rhetoric will continue to cool. There is real hope for an agreement. At the top of the Conservative party, pragmatism is back in fashion.


Rishi Sunak is an extraordinary man in many ways. He is 42 years old and becomes Britain’s youngest prime minister in more than a century. Although he is almost certain to be the richest person in Britain, his personal wealth is dwarfed only by his wife’s immense wealth. Being a British Asian with Indian heritage, he is the first Prime Minister to be from an ethnic minority. He is also a practicing Hindu.

He will not listen to the calls for an earlier election, even though two changes in Prime Minister since 2019 strengthen the case for one. His time in office is sufficient to make a difference at home and abroad. Even if he does not win the election, he could be a much more consequential occupant at 10 Downing Street than his predecessors.

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