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Election commission confirms preliminary results of Bosnia general vote

Bosnia’s election commissioner (CIK), confirmed preliminary results for the October 2nd presidential, parliamentary, and statewide elections. This confirms the dominance and power of nationalist parties at all levels in Balkan country governance.

The CIK confirmed that Bosniak (Bosnian Croat), and non-nationalist Croats (Bosnian Muslim) candidates were elected to the seats on the tripartite Interethnic Presidency. As a member, the Serb presidency was also won by a candidate representing a pro-Russian party.

Bosnia, nearly 30 years after the terrible conflict between its Serbs & Croats, is still a dysfunctional country.

The country was split into two independent Serb-Croat regions and Bosniak-Croat regions. In the aftermath of the war, incumbent nationalists were able to defeat candidates who wanted to reform the economy in the regional and central contests.


The results of the Serb Republic’s president and vice-president were not published by the CIK. It did this after the CIK had ordered recounts of votes to resolve complaints by the opposition that the vote was rigged.

Dodik appears poised to win against JelenaTrivic the race for regional president, even though it is a close race. He stated that he would file criminal charges against CIK for failing to publish presidential results by the deadline.

He demanded a protest in Banja Luka on Tuesday against the illegal decision of CIK to order recounting the ballots.


The opposition parties that had accused him of rigging the vote held two large rallies at Banja Luka. They asked that the CIK hold a second election in Serbian Republic. However, the commission refused their request.

Dodik, who has been a long-time supporter of the unification of the Serb Republic in Bosnia, said that the region would organize elections in the future on its behalf, clearly violating state institutions.

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