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Right-wing Meloni sworn in as Italy’s first woman prime minister

Giorgia and her Cabinet were sworn in as Italy’s first female prime minister on Saturday, 22 October. This makes the country’s most right-leaning government in its history since World War Two.

This appointment comes at a time when Italy’s debt-laden economy is again in recession and businesses buckle under the stress of rising energy prices. Her coalition is also divided on the issue of war in Ukraine.

Her six-year old daughter watched as Meloni took the oath under frescoed crystal chandeliers at the presidential palace.

Meloni is the leader of the nationalist Brothers of Italy. He won an election in a coalition that included Forza Italia, led by Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini’s antiimmigrant League.


Her government, the 12th, is replacing the national unity administration headed by Mario Draghi (exCEB chief), who led the European Union’s sanctions against Russia after its February invasion.

Meloni has pledged support for Ukraine. Berlusconi has consistently undercuther. He had exchanged gifts with his friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After days of tension, Meloni finally announced her team on Friday. Five ministries were given to Forza Italia, the League and nine were left for her party.


Rest of the 24-strong squad consists of technocrats. The squad has six women and their average age is 60.

Giancarlo Giorgetti was given the task of managing Italy’s weak economy, and its growing national debt. He is considered to be a moderate member of the League. Antonio Tajani, a Forza Italy veteran and pro-European dove was awarded the Foreign Ministry.

Tajani told a local television station that his first action would have been to call his Ukrainian counterpart to assure him of Italy’s support.


Meloni’s party, although neofascist in nature, tried to project a moderate image during her campaign. She abandoned anti-EU rhetoric and promised to keep Italy in the heart of European and Western institutions.

The leaders of the European Commission in Brussels sent messages to her Saturday congratulating her.

Ursula von der Leyen wrote that she “counts upon” and looks forward constructively to working with the new government on its challenges.

Europe’s conservative nationalists also praised Meloni. They believe that her government will be a strong allies in their ongoing battles against Brussels.

“Congratulations Giorgia and Meloni on the formation of your government!” It’s a huge day for the European Right! Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, wrote via Twitter.

Marine Le Pen, leader in the French far-right Marine Le Pen, tweeted: “All across Europe patriots are at power.”

Meloni will host her first cabinet meeting after Draghi has handed over.

Then, she will have to face mandatory confidence votes in Parliament. This will be easy for her because of her large majority.

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