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Qatar 2022: Why are people protesting about the World Cup host?

More than a million people from around the globe are expected to travel to Qatar to see the World Cup finals. They will be starting on 20 November.

However, the Gulf state is being criticized for its position on same-sex relationships.

What is Qatar’s position on gay rights?

Qatar makes homosexual acts illegal because they are considered immoral according to Islamic Sharia law.

Penalties include fines and prison sentences up to seven years, as well as death.


Qatar’s World Cup organizers claim that everyone is welcome to visit Qatar to see the matches. They also state that no discrimination will occur.

But, Qatar 2022 chief executive Nasser al Khater says that the government will not alter its laws on homosexuality. He has asked visitors to respect his culture.

He stated that homosexual or straight couples are not allowed to display affection in public places in Qatar.

Human Rights Watch recently launched

A report was released

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According to Qatari security forces, gay, lesbian and transgender citizens are still being detained by them. Sometimes they are even forced to undergo conversion therapy.

The government of Qatar has stated that the report contains false accusations.

What is the purpose of protesting?

Australia’s football team released a video asking Qatar to repeal its laws regarding same-sex relationships.

The video also criticizes Qatari employers over their treatment of 30,000 migrant workers working in construction for the World Cup finals.

Many construction workers have been killed or injured by poor safety and health measures.

The football team from Denmark has announced that they will be wearing a “toned down” all-black uniform to protest Qatar’s human rights record.

To protest Qatar’s anti-homosexuality laws, Harry Kane, England’s captain, and nine other European captains, will be wearing ‘One Love armbands.

Paris and other French cities are refusing to show World Cup matches in public areas despite France being the current champions.

Peter Tatchell, a British LGBT rights activist, claims he was “arrested on the kerbside” when he protested in Doha’s capital Qatar.

The Qatari government claims that an arrest was made, but this is completely false.

Why was Qatar selected as the World Cup hosts?

After winning the ballot of Fifa’s 22 executive directors, Qatar won the World Cup rights in 2010. It beat bids from Australia, South Korea and Japan.

It hosts the tournament for the first time in Arab history.

Qatar was charged with paying Fifa officials PS3m ($3.7m) in bribes for their backing. However, was cleared after a two year investigation .

Sepp Blatter was Fifa’s former chair at the time. said that the organisation might have made a wrong decision

What can World Cup fans in Qatar expect?

Qatar has a population over 2.9 million people and is one of the most prosperous countries in the world thanks to its oil and gas exports.

Seven stadiums were built specifically for the tournament.

Construction of more than 100 hotels, a new metro system and new roads is underway.

Qatar is a conservative Muslim country. Qatari drinking is restricted to luxury hotels and bars. A pint can of beer costs PS10 (13 ).

World Cup organizers have announced that alcohol will be served in “selected areas” within stadiums during the finals. This will take place for three hours prior to matches and one hour after.

In Doha, there will also be a fan zone with 40,000 capacity for alcohol. There will also be areas where drunken fans can get sober.

Why isn’t the World Cup taking place in summer like it used to?

The World Cup Finals will be held in Qatar between 20 and 18 November, when temperatures are usually around 25C (77F).

The finals would have taken place in June or July as is the norm. It would have been at temperatures over 40C, and even 50C.

Initial plans to host the finals in Qatar during the summer were rejected.

Is it difficult to hold the World Cup later in a year?

November and December are busy seasons for European football clubs. Many of Europe’s top players will be called up for Qatar 2022.

European leagues, including England’s Premier League and Italy’s Serie A, are suspending their seasons a week before the international tournament.

After the competition is over, Matches can be resumed.

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