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CMG Europe launches “A New Journey” – a special program to examine China’s global relations

Xi Jinping, general secretary of CPC Central Committee, described what he called a “new path of national revitalizion through a Chinese path of modernization” at the 20th CPC Congress Beijing. ”

China Media Group Europe presents a special one-hour program that examines China’s transition from high speed growth to high-quality growth and its green transition. It also discusses the real opportunities for Europe to interact with a fully modernized China.

Its anchor Juliet Mann joins Zheng Zeguang, China’s Ambassador in the UK (pictured), as well as a host experts from around the globe to discuss what this new journey will look and how it will affect relations with the UK.

CMG Europe has an exclusive conversation with Mr. Zheng to find out how the notion that China can’t develop alone and that China is needed for its development in the real world really works. His Excellency Mr. Zheng also shared his views on how Europe and China can work together to address global problems. He said to Juliet Mann: “C hina” will respond with its own certainty and infuse positive energy into global development through its high-quality development.


A New Adventure continues to examine the miracles of rapid economic growth and long-term stability. The 48 Group Club Chair Stephen Perry tells Juliet that China can see a similar transformation over the next 40 years as the one we saw in the past 40. David Fergusson has edited four volumes on Xi Jinping’s governance of China. He also echoes this, pointing out that China’s success has been based on its consistency of purpose. Marc Ostwald, Chief economist and Global Strategist of ADM Investor Services International, points out the urgent modernizing reforms needed to support China’s growth to a $20 trillion economy. Wang Huiyao (Founder and President, Center for China and Globalization) celebrates the hybrid economy that China has created through extensive reforms. This is the key to China’s success.

CMG Europe’s final special program focuses on China’s green revolution. Tim Clissold, author and business expert, points out that China leads the world in the transition to electric cars and renewable energy. This thought is echoed by Dr. Christoph Nedopil at the Fanhai International School of Finance’s Green Finance & Development Center. Professor at Fudan University’s School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Yin Zhiguang tells Juliet that China’s vision for a greener world requires a larger vision for a more equitable and accessible world. Stephen Lynch, the British Chamber of Commerce Beijing’s Managing Director, describes how a greener China offers incredible opportunities for British and European companies to work with Chinese counterparts.

Tune in from 16GMT on 31 October 2022 on CGTN, YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion to watch the special show and catch all the stories and videos at


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