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Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia agree on the implementation of Azerbaijani-Armenian normalization

Ilham Aliyev the President of Azerbaijan, Nikol Pashinyan the Prime Minister of Armenia and Vladimir Putin the President of Russia met in Sochi on the 31st of October 2022 to discuss the implementation of the trilateral declarations of 9 November 2020 and 11 January 2021.

They reiterated their resolve to strictly comply with all agreements in the interest of the comprehensive normalization Azerbaijani–Armenian relations, which will ensure lasting peace, stability and security as well as sustainable economic development of South Caucasus.

They released a joint statement saying, “We agreed that we would make an additional effort urgently to resolve the remaining tasks including the block of humanitarian questions.”

We praised the Russian peacekeeping force’s contribution to security in the area where it was deployed and stressed the importance of its efforts in stabilizing the situation.


We decided to not use force or threaten to use force and to resolve any problems only on the basis mutual recognition of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability borders, in accordance to the UN Charter.

In order to ensure a lasting and sustainable peace in the region, we stressed the importance of actively preparing for the signing of a cease-fire between the Republic of Azerbaijan (Republic of Armenia). Based on the current proposals, it was decided to continue searching for solutions. This will be assisted by the Russian Federation.

We stressed the importance of creating an atmosphere between the Republic of Azerbaijan (and the Republic of Armenia) to continue the dialogue among representatives of the public and expert communities and religious leaders with Russian support.


Leaders of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation welcome the Russian Federation’s willingness to continue contributing in any possible way to normalizing relations between Republic of Azerbaijan (Republic of Armenia) and Republic of Armenia. This will ensure stability and prosperity throughout the South Caucasus.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan I. H. Aliyev

N. V. Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia

V. V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation”

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