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Factbox: What is known about the drone attack on Crimea?

Russia suspended its participation to the UN-brokered Black Sea grain deal. This was in response to what it claimed was a Ukrainian drone attack on vessels in the Bay of Sevastopol, Saturday morning (29 Oct).

What are our current knowledges?


Russia claimed that 16 drones both maritime and aerial attacked the Black Sea Fleet, and civilian vessels, in the Bay of Sevastopol (Crimea) on Saturday, 0420 Kyiv. Russia claimed that all nine drones had been destroyed.


Russia claimed that four drones had been destroyed by the bay’s outer perimeter. Three more were found inside.

According to the ministry, Russia suffered minor damage from Ivan Golubets’ minesweeper.

Reuters was unable to verify the accounts of combat personnel immediately.


Unverified footage taken from social media showed what looked like maritime drones speeding across the water to pursue a Russian battleship while bullets were fired at them.


Russia’s defense ministry claimed the attack was carried out by Ukraine’s Marine Special Operations Center (73rd Marine Special Operations Center), under the direction and guidance of British naval experts in Ochakiv on the Black Sea coast.

It claimed that the Nord Stream Pipelines were being attacked by the same British navy unit. It didn’t identify the source.

Britain denied the claim.

The Russian Ministry of Defence stated that “to distract from their disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine”,

“This latest invented story speaks more to the Russian government’s arguments that it does about Europe.”

While Ukraine has not denied the attack on Sevastopol by drones, it has suggested that Russia did so that it could no longer participate in the grain deal.

Andriy Yaermak was the chief of staff to Volodymyr Zilenskiy and claimed that Russia had carried out “fictitious terrorist attacks on its facilities.”

They haven’t provided any evidence from Russia and Ukraine.


Russia claims that it has discovered the wreckage of several maritime drones. It claimed that it had examined memory from the Canadian-made navigation devices installed on the drones.

According to the statement, the maritime drones were launched off Odesa’s coast before moving through the grain corridor security zone. Finally, they entered the Bay of Sevastopol. This is the Crimean peninsula’s largest city, annexed by Russia from Ukraine.

According to defense ministry, one drone was seen beginning from grain corridor security zone.

According to the defense ministry, this could be the first launch of the device from a civilian vessel chartered or sponsored in part by Western patrons for exporting agricultural products from Ukrainian seaports.


Russia has not abandoned the deal.

According to the Russian foreign ministry, “the Russian side cannot guarantee the safety of civilian dry cargo vessels participating the Black Sea Initiative” and has suspended its implementation effective today.

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