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Russia’s Lavrov needles Biden over Cuban missile crisis and Ukraine

On Sunday, President Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Ministry criticized Joe Biden over Ukraine. He stated that he hoped that the US president would be able to manage a global conflict like the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

Russia invaded Ukraine has been the most important confrontation between Moscow and Washington since the Cuban crisis. This was when the Soviet Union was at the brink of nuclear war.

John Kennedy, the then-US president discovered that Soviet leader Nikita Chruschchev had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. The Cuban exiles fought to overthrow Communist rule with US support. In Italy, the US also deployed missiles.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov stated that 1962 was a lot like the current situation in the context the missile crisis. This was due in large part to Russia’s threat of Western weapons in Ukraine.


Lavrov said that he hoped President Joe Biden would be given more opportunities to learn about who and how orders are made in today’s world. This is extremely troubling.

Lavrov stated that Kennedy and Khrushchev were different because they had the courage and wisdom to accept responsibility and demonstrate wisdom in 1962. We don’t now see Washington or its satellites showing such readiness.

Although Lavrov’s statement was not confirmed by the White House National Security Council spokesperson, he pointed to past comments about keeping communication lines open with Moscow.


Monday’s telephone conversation between top U.S. and Russian generals was their first since May. It was the first phone conversation between the top U.S. generals and Russian generals since May after the US defense ministers spoke for the second consecutive day, having spoken only once in May.

On 27 October 1962, the world was at risk of nuclear war when a Soviet submarine captain attempted to launch a nuclear weapon after the US Navy dropped depth charges.

In secret, Kennedy agreed to Khrushchev’s withdrawal of all missiles in Turkey for Khrushchev’s elimination of all missiles coming from Cuba. The crisis was quickly resolved but it became a symbol of the dangers of superpower rivalry during Cold War.

Vladimir Putin points out that Russia’s concerns over security in post-Soviet Europe, and in particular the expansion of NATO’s military alliance eastwards, have been ignored by the West as reasons for the conflict.

The United States and its European allies argue that Russian concerns are exaggerated, and don’t justify an invasion by a former Soviet neighbour whose borders Moscow recognized following 1991’s fall of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine says it will fight to expel Russia from its territory. This disgraceful attempt by Russia to distract from an imperial-style land grab Kyiv claims it has made is reflected in Russia’s big power diplomacy.

Lavrov was asked by a reporter what Russia should do during the current crisis. He replied that Russia is ready to negotiate with President Vladimir Putin.

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