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Danes to cast verdict on Social Democrats as new crises loom

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen will seek a confidence vote for her handling of the pandemic, as well as her leadership in overcoming high inflation and geopolitical uncertainties.

This election is now a battleground for centrist voters. Lars Lokke Rasmussen, former prime minister, is expected to become a king-maker within his new party Moderates. The ruling left and right-wing oppositions don’t seem to have the chance of winning a majority.


Voting is happening at a time of high energy prices and the highest inflation rate in 40 years. This comes just one month after two pipelines carrying natural gaz from Russia to Germany via Danish water were sabotaged. This also sparked an unprecedented feeling insecurity among Danes.

According to polls Frederiksen (44), and her Social Democratic Party will gain some ground to be the largest party in parliament again.

Frederiksen, Denmark’s youngest ever prime minister in 2019, was a great success. She is trying to create a broad coalition that crosses the traditional left-right divide. In times of uncertainty, she believes in political unity.

Recent polls show that Rasmussen’s Moderates (which he founded only four months ago) are the third-largest party in parliament. They trail only the Social Democrats and his former party, the Liberals.

Rasmussen is in favor of broad government, but refuses to name the head of any new government.


Although Rasmussen has not yet officially declared his candidacy for prime Minister, polls show that voters prefer him over right-wing candidates Jakob Ellemann Jensen of the Liberal Party and Soren Pape Pouulsen from the Conservatives.


Frederiksen was widely celebrated for her leadership in leading Denmark through the COVID epidemic. Her tenure was marred by the controversial decision in 2020 to kill the entire mink herd of Denmark, fearing that they might spread a mutant coronavirus.

It was illegal, and it led to both the expulsion of a minister and a parliamentary probe. Frederiksen did not face any legal consequences. However, her party suffered a decrease in support. It also reduced her tenure.

Frederiksen’s opponents lawmakers also criticize Frederiksen for her mink scandal that aimed to place power around her office and her.

Frederiksen has to come up with solutions to the highest levels ever recorded of inflation in decades. The government has not used its preferred tools in this pandemic, which includes massive aid packages and looser fiscal policy to stimulate the economy.

Campaign’s main topic is tight spending. This leaves little money for improving or helping to improve health care. The cost of living and climate change are key issues that voters will be concerned about.

The right-leaning opposition worries that the left-leaning government’s generous economic policies will increase inflation and cause an economic crisis comparable to the 1990s and 1980s, when the country was run under the Social Democrats.

Voxmeter’s most recent poll showed a 49%-41% lead for the right-leaning bloc. Moderates received 10% of the votes.

The polling stations open at 8am (0700 GMT Tuesday) and close at 8pm Wednesday (3 November). Two exit polls will take place immediately after the opening of polling stations (0700 GMT) Tuesday.

The public broadcasters DR and TV2 will present the results. A preliminary announcement is expected to be made on Wednesday morning between midnight and 2am.

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