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Norway raises military alert in response to Ukraine war

Norway will raise its alert level starting today (2/11). This will enable more personnel to be assigned operational duties and a greater role to a rapid mobilization force in response to the conflict in Ukraine.

General Eirik Kristoffersen, the chief of defense, stated that Norway would try to get its new fleet US-made P-8 Poseidon sub-hunting maritime surveillance plane into regular service faster than originally planned.

The government declined to disclose details about the extent of military alert.

Kristoffersen stated that Norway is not under threat right now and that it was the “uncertainties” that drove authorities to boost their military readiness.


He said that he witnessed an increase in conflict in Ukraine, and that Norway was training Ukrainian troops. He stated that the Russian mobilization has made the Ukraine war more peaceful.

“And simultaneously, there was a gas explosion in the Baltic Sea and drone activity at North Sea platforms.”

Kristoffersen stated that the increased level will last for one year, and possibly longer.



Norway was the first country to deploy its military off-shore platforms and facilities protecting against potential leakages from the Nord stream pipes. The deployment was made in Swedish and Danish waters on 26/09/2018. It was supported by the French and British armed forces.

The country’s security forces arrested a Russian spy suspect last week. He is also suspected to have been involved in the protection of Europe’s gas exports.

NATO member Norway shares almost 200 km (125 mi) of land borders with Russia in Arctic. A large maritime border is also present.

The Nordic nation of 5.4million people accounts for 25% of all EU imports, after a decrease in Russian flows.

“Russia’s efforts to weaken (international support) for Ukraine and the continued war in Ukraine mean that all European countries have to recognize that they are vulnerable against hybrid threats. Norway included,” Prime Minister Jonas Garh Stoere said.

Armed forces will have more time to operate and less training. The Home Guard, a rapid mobilization force that is active, will be more active.

Kristoffersen said that the Norwegian air force had decided to cease training in the United States with its F35 fighter jets, and instead prefer to train in Norway.

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