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G7 to discuss Ukraine support after attacks on energy infrastructure

After recent Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, the G7 group of wealthy democracies gathered to discuss how to better coordinate support.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine will dominate the two day meeting between US Secretary Antony Blinken in Muenster, western Germany and his G7 counterparts. The agenda will include protests against Iran and China’s assertiveness in international affairs.

“This G7 ministerial is for us coming at an important time,” stated a senior State Department official, noting that the group has been “a vital coordination mechanism” for policy approaches on the most pressing issues.

EU Energie CommissionerKadri SIMSON stated on Tuesday (1 noiembrie) in Kyiv that the European Union was exploring ways to assist Ukraine’s energy sector.


She said that Ukraine needs specific tools and equipment in order to fix its energy infrastructure. It is important that foreign companies prioritize the transfer of Ukrainian energy equipment.

Germany hosts the G7 meeting. It holds the rotating presidency of this group. This will provide an opportunity for the most powerful democracies in the world, along with the rest of G7, and to discuss recent developments as well as security concerns in the Indo Pacific.

A statement from the British foreign ministry stated that they would meet with Taiwan’s Foreign Ministers to discuss the situation and ways in which the G7 can strengthen its relationships with other countries in the region.


G7 ministers will also discuss German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s recent contentious decisions which allowed Chinese shipping firm Cosco to invest in Hamburg port terminal, and to pay for a visit to Beijing.

Critics claim Scholz prioritized Germany’s economic interests over larger security concerns, as Angela Merkel did with Russia.

A senior US State Department official stated that China has not “strongly suggested” that they have a controlling stake in the Hamburg port terminal.

Germany eventually allowed Cosco to own a 24.9% stake in the terminal. This is a decrease from the original offer of 35%.

According to the British foreign ministry, Germany invited Kenya, Ghana, and the African Union to the G7 meeting in order for them all discuss climate change, infrastructure, and humanitarian crises.

A senior State Department official said that “We are doing more together” in the so-called Global South, including in Africa. “This will be an important part of the conversation.”

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